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Thread: pistol pete

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    Default pistol pete

    I was reading the New Flyfisher free e-magazine and seen where there are flies with little props on them.New to me but most things are in this addiction.
    I see where they actually an older fly been used for catching all sorts of species.
    From little reading I've done,I can see where some people don't like them for whatever reason.

    I like to see a video on what they look like being fished.
    I can't seem to find any and maybe this fly has other names than pistol pete?

    Being a conventional fisherman(havn't used a spinning/baitcast rod this fishing season) for a lot of years,the Buzzbait is one of my favorite top water baits.I know this little fly won't act totally like this but would like to see some footage on what it does.
    Anyone use this fly?

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    Default Re: pistol pete


    Never heard of it.....the net will be the best way to search unless someone here helps out.


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    Default Re: pistol pete

    I've tried them, but never had much luck using one on the fly rod. I know a lot of guys like to use them with a spinning rod under a bobber and slowly retrieve them. I assume this is what you are talking about:


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    Default Re: pistol pete

    You can find them at Cabelas and other online shops and they are sold as flys.

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    Default Re: pistol pete

    Quote Originally Posted by chased View Post
    I've tried them, but never had much luck using one on the fly rod. I know a lot of guys like to use them with a spinning rod under a bobber and slowly retrieve them. I assume this is what you are talking about:
    Guess I should have read some more.
    For some reason I was thinking(hoping more like it)it was like alittle mini top water buzzbait.Doesn't look like something I'd like to try...thanks for the replies.

    Do they make,little prop top water flies?
    Thinking something that might throw alittle more water,when you strip it/

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    Default Re: pistol pete

    i remember seeing display cards of those in my grandpas lake house basement.
    they were definitely old and fit right in to his collection of old tackle.
    i wish i would have grabbed a few of those, who knows where they
    are now



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    Default Re: pistol pete

    "Pistol Petes" are actually a trade name--google the name and you'll find the link to the company that makes them. They look similar to the one in chased's pictures, and come in a variety of colours and styles.

    Some friends and I "discovered" them in a sporting goods store in Haines, Alaska some years ago and started using the chartreuse and pink ones for coho. They work well, but I think any streamer/wooly bugger-type flies in similar colours work just as well. I'm not sure about the propellers--I think the theory is that the props create disturbance and noise which attract and annoy the fish, but only the fish know if that's really true and they aren't talking.

    One problem I discovered is that your tippet can wrap around the propeller, especially in windy weather, which fouls the propeller and effectively prevents the fly from swimming as it should. If I'm using them I often break off the propeller, which I suppose defeats the purpose of using them in the first place.


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    Default Re: pistol pete

    Where do you draw the line between fly and hardware? Beads, coneheads, and dumbbell eyes, etc are accepted. But spinning things is where I draw the line. Looks like hardware to me.

    To each his own, but I wouldn't even give these a second thought.


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    "Do they make,little prop top water flies?
    Thinking something that might throw alittle more water,when you strip it/"

    By top water you mean dry fly. I've never seen or heard of a dry fly with a "buzzer" ala bass flies. It would sort of go against everything that fishing dry flies is about. The closest thing I know of are skater flies. A very buoyant fly with deer hair that causes a ruckus on the water when "skated" across the surface. They are generally used for steelhead.

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    Default Re: pistol pete

    Pistol Petes were developed in 1972 by then 12 yr old Chris Furia around the Trinidad,CO area. To me, they're nothing but a wooly bugger with a small prop in front, "Chased" has the picture. I've fished them for about 2 years now. When fishing in Northern New Mex, when I asked some anglers what's workin', the answer always was "Pistol Petes". I had no idea what they were. Looked them up and ordered me some from High Country flies in Trinidad. They cast a bit heavy on a fly rod, but I usually troll them behind a float tube. Or, as a lot of guys do, cast them behind a bubble with spinning rod. As far as their effectiveness goes, I'd have to say they are a bit more so than a plain wooly bugger. On a fly rod, I cast across stream and let it drift across and down. Size 12 is as small as they go. Oh, and they are deadly on blue-gill and crappie. Try some, you'll like them.

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    Default Re: pistol pete

    I'm sure they are effective but so are regular Wooley Buggers. Looks to much to me like something the Crappie fisherman use on those 15 foot telescoping poles . Hey to each his own but for me there was only one "Pistol Pete" and that's Maravich and he is a legend !

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    Oh and a great top water fly,similiar name : Try a ' Sneaky Pete' !
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