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Thread: Which line?

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    Howdy folks,

    I'm somewhat new to the forum. I live in Coeur D Alene, ID and have been a fly fisherman over 20 years. I fish primarily the Coeur D Alene North Fork and the St. Joe rivers, but am planning a trip to Yellowstone in latter Sept. to fish the Firehole and Madison rivers, as well as whatever other streams I may come across. Nuff about me.

    I am getting a Winston TMF that will hopefully be in my hands by this time next week. I have an early 70's (screw back) Orvis CFO lll that I am planning to use on it. I haven't decided on a line. For those of you familiar with the TMF, what would you recommend? I appreciate your help.

    Tight lines, TBR

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    I have fished several Winston rods over the years and for the TMF I would look at the Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Trout OR SA Mastery Textured Series Trout.

    Both are a standard weight line versus the line weight and a half of the GPX. I like these for your Winston as that rod has a more traditional action versus some of the ultra fast rods we see so much of today.

    Personally, I like the way the Textured lines shoot, which for some of the bigger rivers I fish is very important to me. The downside is the Textured lines can be abrasive on you fingers at times. That said, the Textured Series is less abrasive than the Sharkskin Series.

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