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    They must have been Steelers fans ;-) (ha ha ha!!!)

    Let it go, and move on. it sucks when people are jerks, but the best move is just to let it go and enjoy your thing. Like you did!

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    Default Re: Why do people have to be knuckleheads?

    A Redneck is a Redneck no matter what state you are in

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    Quote Originally Posted by shimloom View Post
    With 50 years of fishing behind me I have faced all kinds of folks who don't seem to think much about being in your space, where you are fishing, and yes from other fishermen, who think it's a social sport, while your fishing.

    I have yelled at people either while standing in a stream or in my bass boat who have no clue on fishing etiquette, social behavior or proprieties of conduct. Sometimes I have to say something because I just have to. Now that I am older and fish alone more often I just keep my mouth shut and move on. Idiots seem to be more common now and it's proves we are in a more self centered world where the individual believes they are entitled to whatever you have or your space. I am now off my soap box!

    Amen Brother-- that says it well.

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    Default Re: Why do people have to be knuckleheads?

    So just had some idiot cross my path last Thursday. My buddy and I went to our favorite river to grab some smallies. Had a great day, but the river was much busier than usual. At one point, we were at a hole when some young kid (moron, idiot, knucklehead, you name it) started wading towards us. We talked earlier and he wasn't having any luck, whereas we were nailing them left and right.

    So he goes "I can see them, but they don't want to take my crank bait" So I smile and go on my business. he's about 20 feet away from me, when I a big smallie grabs my hook. I bring him in, and he sees it and says thats a nice catch. After I get the fish back in the water, he starts wading towards the area I was in, splashing around like some fool that didn't know how to swim.

    I was about to say something, but I figured he's not worth my time. I was about to cast towards his way and hope of getting him lipped but once again, I figured it wasn't worth my time. He keeps trying to talk to me, and at this point, I'm so pissed off at him, I just give him dirty looks and say "What a dummy" under my breathe. Hopefully he heard me.

    Dumb crankbait idiot. No offense to other spin fisherman. But this kid had no manners. He's lucky my friend and I were too focused on fishing to go harass him.

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    Default Re: Why do people have to be knuckleheads?

    Gotta add this..... My wife and I did a trip down to South Holston River... Tuesday evening, after TVA shut down the afternoon discharge, we fished a quiet area just below the weirs. Not long after we had started fishing some kid with a spin rod, a bubble-float the size of a silver dollar and a big green plastic worm waded in and stood just behind my wife blocking her casting lane. Being a nice person, she merely gave him her patented "go to hell" look and adjusted her cast. A few minutes later he sloshed out of the river but was back in about 10 minutes. This time he sloshed out and stood less than four feet from me and started throwing his wormy-thing out. He stood there only a few minutes, said "this water is cold" (wading in tennis shoes) and he took off again. We saw him enter the river downstream and right behind another fly fisher. I'm sure the good schools in E. Tennessee do an admirable job with reading and 'rithmetic, but they suck at etiquette.

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    Default Re: Why do people have to be knuckleheads?

    Wow. When I started this thread, I had no idea that it would grow as it has. I thought my encounter was bad but it seems that it was trivial, based upon many of the other posts here.

    It is incredible that there are so many knuckleheads all over the place.
    Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” –Henry David Thoreau
    Time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana.” –Groucho Marx

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    Default Re: Why do people have to be knuckleheads?

    The Further Adventures of The Knuckleheads --- Season 2, Episode 1.

    On the Fourth of July my wife and I ventured up to our favorite river to do a little fishing. We arrived at a popular parking area and found it empty. Great, we thought, we’ll have it all to ourselves. We wadered up and rigged up and began fishing a long set of riffles that always hold trout. A couple of kayakers floated by but we’ve never been much bothered by kayakers -- they float through pretty quickly and almost always maneuver their boats in a way that causes the least impact.

    After 30 minutes or so we heard a ruckus from upriver. Up at the bend a flotilla of tubers were beginning to show and they closed quarters quickly. There were a couple of small kids and a larger number of adults. A less kindly person might describe them as beefy, or maybe portly or rotund. Let me just say that the flotational ratio between floatee and floating device was highly disadvantageous. In fact, they all seemed to attempting to run the river in tubes salvaged from a 20 year old Mazda 323 replete with red and yellow patches.

    The little kids seemed to do ok, they scooted right over the riffles, but the adults sat with their posteriors hanging dangerously low in the water. You could hear the males bellowing as the rocks found their viagra regions. Eventually their forward progress ground to a halt. One little girl zipped along putting a lot of distance between herself and her mother. Mom began yelling “don’t get too far ahead...slow down”. So daughter dutifully stopped about 15 feet directly in front of where we were standing. She flashed us a big, innocent smile but then Mom hopped up -- being short and stout she really didn’t gain much altitude -- and proceeded to splash down the river to catch up. On arrival, she plopped back down in the water sending tsunami waves rolling between the banks. The males did the same and a herd came stomping through the run. They all gathered around Mom to hold a pow-wow about what do next. They were close enough we could read the fine print on their tatoos so we got an unwanted education in their past and current loves. After a few minutes of raucous horseplay -- pushing each other in the water and yelling about the temperature -- they moved on in mass. Just below the run, at the head of a long pool, another fisherman was casting to a few risers along the far bank. We had watched him walk up. He was an older gentleman with a bum leg and used a walking stick to help him along. One of the middle sized kids floated right into him almost sending him into the drink. She gave him a look that seemed to blame him for being in her way...

    We had stood through the whole thing with our mouths hanging open. My wife grabbed my arm because she could see the steam beginning to escape around the gaskets. She said it wan’t our river...True, and we do have to share it, but I’m messing with a small circle with about 40 foot radius... These clowns have screwed up 4 miles of stream and are heading toward screwing up another 4 miles and have screwed with every fisher in that distance!

    The end... stay tuned for next weeks episode when Cletus asks: “just how far can you bend that rod?”

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