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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    what a hot topic
    after these fishermen-woman someone will need to collect the garbage (cans of corns, bags & etc.) if you do not, nobody does it
    between fly-anglers sometime also there is no respect...
    love flyfish in wild places, nobody around, you & nature!
    "Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have at work on it, and man can only mar it." Theodore Roosevelt
    "Live with your eyes open, you might notice something and you will have the opportunity to share it with the world." Argail

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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    Perhaps the worst form of bad etiquette is when guides with clients in tow disrespect other anglers. Last year, I was on the Dream Stream in Colorado, minding my own business, enjoying some dry fly action, and all of the sudden out of nowhere, a guide and 4 clients completely top-holed me, about 50 feet upstream, above where my casts were. The guide didn't even acknowledge my existence, but interestingly, one of the clients did. I was forced out, reeled up, and off the next spot I went. Maybe that is a tactic I'm not familiar with by some guides.

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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    On an uncrowded stream or lake if someone crowds me I walk away. If I find myself working in another angler's direction, I go around...way around.

    On a stream or lake where anglers are "spaced out" (no, not like that...) I try to talk with people, asking if I'm disturbing them...and I walk away a lot.

    I came close to hooking a child on a back cast once and that lesson stayed with me. I'm whipping a dangerous article in the air and have a responsibility to be I make sure it's safe to fish before starting up.

    The idea of putting a fly in the air near someone on purpose sounds like assualt to me.

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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    Quote Originally Posted by South Holston View Post
    Gretchin Beaty told me she was fishing and a guy came right in on her. She put on a big heavy weighted woolly bugger and hit him in the back of the head with it." I am sorry, you know us girls can't cast."
    HAH, in my waters I frequent on the tribs of Lake Huron (Canada side)....float rodders are my bane. As I have vented many times here about...crowding, rude, polluters, as#clowns, etc....seems the common thread running through these sect of 'fishers'.

    To the point of the quote....for the most part, while I normally am not spey/2 hand casting.....with my 10' single hander, I can usually pick up all the line and lay out without false casing (nymph fishing). When I start to feel crowded....not only to I false cast MUCH MORE....I become erratic and 'apologize' for my 'rookie-ness'....while ensuring i get a wide berth to fish 'my' wedge of water.

    King Joe Outa Here!

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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    Some people have no respect. For the most part, guides I've encountered in Colorado are pretty good about giving people space. I've ran into countless people on the Blue River where someone would walk right where my flies were being drifted. Or after catching a few fish, people would hop into my pool and fish beyond me or right next to me. Deep down inside I want to scream at the top of my lungs or start hurling rocks, but I never do. I've been yelled at one I think? I was 30-40 yards down river of these two people, who were fishing the other direction. One yelled towards me, but I couldn't tell if he was trying to tell me something or telling me to give them space.

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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    When it gets like that find new water or do something else, you will save yourself a lot of aggravation.

    If you go to stocked water (especially recently stocked) expect crowds of the rude and clueless; try to enjoy the show, or better yet, don't go there in the first place, I mean really what would you expect.

    The thing about public water is it is well, public, and a lot of the public are rather doltish or grasping types.

    I don't know where you folks fish but I am rarely bothered by other fishermen. A short hike, I mean like 500 feet generally gets you the solitude you were looking for.

    I detest it when a guide shows up on a stream with 4 client's, I walk in the other direction generally. Besides he's not much of a guide to begin with taking on that many duffers.

    The worst are the tubers/kayaks and such like, but they are naturally witless about these things; go somewhere else or just let them go by. If you fish early you will not see them, if you fish late you will not see them. Basically just during bankers hours.

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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    I almost got rammed by two nitwits in a canoe on the Farmington once. I was standing in a riffle and intent on what I was doing, and didn't hear a thing. Only because i caught something in my peripheral vision did I turn around and see these twits in a canoe, frantically paddling to miss me.

    Which they did, by about two feet, and only because I moved.

    I said to them "Hey, you want to yell or something when you're about to hit me?"

    They just stared at me.

    Perhaps they were shape-shifting Lizard People from another galaxy and unfamiliar with our ways.

    Either that or morons.

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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    I'm going with Morons; amazing what I've seen on rivers, both good and bad. Serious stupid to totally insane; people just don't get it through there heads that moving water doesn't care about your 'safety,' that's up to you.

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    Other than one heavily stocked place where I know I'll have lots of company, I just about never see anyone else.

    This year I've seen somewhere between 7 and 10 others fishing. Three of those were at a different stocked river.

    I've never had an angry encounter, either. I've seen cases where I was sure someone was going to get himself in a world of hurt, but nothing angry.

    Just lucky, I guess.
    Today is always the first day of the rest of your life.
    Use it wisely.


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    Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

    Whenever I have only an hour or two to fish, I hit the local bluegill pond. There are people at this place throwing 6" swimbaits for crying out loud. I lob out a small pheasant tail and get a fish a cast. Every time I hook up, the same thing happens, everyone swarms around me (as if the only fish in the pond are right in front of me). I just walk to the other side and lob out the fly again. Next decent fish and these monkeys come running. We keep this up until its time to go home

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