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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Line similar to Orvis depth charge?

    Hey -- I'm thinking of buying a DC line and wanted to know about any other lines I might be looking at with similar casting/management characteristics. The DC line seems to sink VERY fast and also casts quite well -- with an Int. running line. On the SA website I can't hardly figure out what the running line portion of their lines is made of (I hate the SA website), and I don't know many others out there.

    Any tips for a line of this nature?

    It's for an 8-weight rod. I'll likely use it for several uses, one is the huge Potomac river here in town at depths of 10-25'. I might also use it for more shallow but fast running rivers, and I may give it a go in some SW places....possibly even the surf with a stripping basket? I realize the DC sinks really fast, but I figure I can strip faster or lengthen my leader a bit, use more marabou, etc.

    I have a regular type III sink tip that is about 12' long in the tip, but it honestly sinks too slowly to be of any advantage over a floating line with a lead fly. Useless line --

    Thanks --

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    Default Re: Line similar to Orvis depth charge?

    One other option is the Teeney Nymph sink tips. Most (all?) of the heads are either 24 or 26 foot (can't remember which) and come in 100 through 500 grain heads.

    These sink like a rock and are very easy to cast.

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    Default Re: Line similar to Orvis depth charge?

    See Rio InTouch Deep line. InTouch Deep 3 - Freshwater Fly Lines | RIO
    They are DC lines.
    I am highly qualified to comment in this forum after receiving a Specialized High Intensive Training (S.H.I.T) at the Olde Schitt Institute of Technology (O.S.H.I.T).

  4. Default Re: Line similar to Orvis depth charge?

    I've used the Orvis DC's a ton. My 8 wt. Sage XP throws anything from 300-500. In general , I put a 350 on it. If your 8 isn't a fast rod, maybe consider a 300. I've also used Rio Outbounds, which are another excellent integrated shooting head line you can custom cut. I've only used one once but the Airflo 40 was another decent line. The Teeny's running lines are too thin for my taste. I haven't fished one in a long time, though, they may have changed. A stripping basket or a clean boat deck is a must for these lines. Always stretch them before use. They work fine in the surf. The 6-7" sink rate gets them down below the turbulence quick and I don't worry about being low over sand, as a lot of the stripers I target are looking for food like crabs and sand eels that are low in the column. I've caught a fair amount of fish using big hard bodied poppers in the surf on the DC. The weight propels them out there and the poppers leave a big footprint for aggresive fish to home in on. These lines are all I've used on the Susquehanna flats in depths from 8-20 feet. That's the closest I've fished to DC- the town , not the line. If you consistently fish in heavy current or depths over 20, consider making your own heads out of Rio T-17 (sh!t sinks fast!) and a mono running line like Amnesia or Frog Hair. Rio also offers T-8, T-11, and T-14 to make custom shooting heads. 30 feet of T-17 weighs 510 grains, but will be thinner than a 500 gr. Depth Charge. Lawn practice your Double Haul and shoot with lines like these before you whale yourself with a Clouser. They can hurt ya.

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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Re: Line similar to Orvis depth charge?

    Thank you for all the info fichy! That's helpful.

    My 8-weight is a pretty moderate action, so I'll take your advice and stick with the 300 grain. I have a DIY stripping basket that I need to take out and get used to because I honestly don't have any experience using one.

    My casting is something I work on constantly, off and on the water and with heavy flies. What I'm learning is that you can actually really chuck those heavy clousers out there with a good double haul .

    I'm still working on it -- I can comfortably cast out to 60' with decent accuracy, but up to 75-80' is about my max and my accuracy begins to slip. I really to increase up to 100' with accuracy to 80'. Part of my problem is still very basic -- remembering to use a good hard "stop" on the backcast, using proper trajectory, etc. Sometimes I use a crappy stop and rely too much on the haul to fling the line back there, but I'm trying to correct it. I just need more work on the basic stuff!

    Something else I noticed -- if I shoot some line into my backcast, my forward cast following it tends to be pretty darn good! I don't know why it works though, because it seems like if I try to pick up that much line I really can't keep it in the air very well. Weird.

    Thanks again --

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    Default Re: Line similar to Orvis depth charge?

    I believe Airflo was the first to mix an intermediate line with a fast sink tip so you can check them out. I think it's called the Deep 6.

  7. Default Re: Line similar to Orvis depth charge?

    i use the 350 Orvis DC on my 8 and 9 in the salt with a stiff current
    the 300DC new 3D from Orvis casts unreal. i have an extra 300 3D if u want to buy, pm me

  8. Default Re: Line similar to Orvis depth charge?

    TB, you've discovered a great trick. Slipping line into the backcast loads the living cr@p out of the rod and really puts some potential power into your forward stroke. You've increased the potential energy without using huge force on the backcast! You don't false cast shooting heads, so you are doing exactly what you should do with them. It's one of the reasons I dislike thin running lines-they are easy to lose the handle on when slipping line.
    It sounds like you're well on your way. I hope to see some good pics in the future from your neck of the woods. Nightfishing in the surf this weekend for me. The DC will be getting wet.

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