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Thread: WF line for Scott G904 fly rod?

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    Question WF line for Scott G904 fly rod?

    It's time to replace to fly line on my Scott G904. I've always used a DT line but thinking of going to a WF.

    I'm hoping that there are a few out there that either fish or have fished the the Scott G series (not G2) with a WF line.


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    Default Re: WF line for Scott G904 fly rod?

    I remember casting a buddy's G905. He had a Scientific Anglers XPS WF5F spooled on his Ross Gunnison. I liked the setup. The XPS has been discontinued. The closest line in taper is the new Scientific Anglers Mastery VPT.


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    Default Re: WF line for Scott G904 fly rod?

    I just put a SA Textured Trout Stalker in WF4F on my Scott 904 STS. I realize that this is a bit quicker rod than your G but based on the fact that I fish a Textured Trout Stalker on my Winston IM6 3wt, I bet it would be very good on your G.

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