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    Default Fishing with Dad

    Fishing with dad. Few things bring me more joy. I donít remember the first time I went fishing, or the first fish I caught because I started fishing with dad at age 3. Iím not sure how old my first fishing memory is, but there are many of them because he took me often. I remember coming home from my grandparentís house a couple doors down and seeing our first Tracker fishing boat in the driveway. I remember the time I fell in the water trying to untangle dadís line, and the time I fell in pulling up the anchor. Sure, I remember the fish, the weekend trips, and all the fun fish stories. Mostly, I remember that my dad was there. He was my hero, and still is. Itís the time spent together that means the most to me.

    Thanks for taking me fishing, dad. It means a lot. I hope I can be half the dad you are.

    Happy Fatherís Day. I canít wait for our next fishing trip.

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    Default Re: Fishing with Dad

    Well said! I remember my first rod like yesterday. I don't remember what brand but it was a tackle box (which I still have) rod combo kit that my parents and grandparents got me. The rod was a white/dark green push button bait caster job. I remember how fun it was to play with the worms but I didn't want to touch my first fish... a sunny.

    My dad just got his lifetime license since he's retiring here soon and wants to do the tour of duty with me like he did with my pap 30 years ago when they averaged 700 + fish per year between the two of them.
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