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Thread: Heads up ....

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    Default Heads up ....

    This has been on a couple web sites already, but on the off chance you all haven't seen it .... and may even want to forward it to other sites.
    Deb is a dear friend of mine. Also included is Scott Martins facebook address, and the name he has been going by. Be very aware. A number of good hearted friends have been taken by him. He's just plain bad news.

    Deb Jeffrey Freele
    5 minutes ago near London, Ontario
    I'm reposting this again, because a little bird says that this guy is now hanging out on Classic Cane forum. Going as Bamboo1. I'm guessing he's also popping up on other fly fishing sites under this and other names. He now is saying he is the president of the Mid Atlantic IFFF. Still "buying" gear or looking for donations of gear for orginizations like Wound Warrior or Project Healing Waters. They don't receive your donation. He sells it. He does not pay for what he "buys" either. So make sure who your sending your gear to.

    In case any of my fly fishing friends, retailers etc, out there have been approached by this guy, BE WARNED!!. He's defrauded lot of folks out of money an product, including organizations like Project Healing Waters. There's a few fly fishing related web forums where he is now banned and there is discussion about this slim ball. Just be careful if your selling stuff. You might want to clean him off your friends list and block him.

    Scott Martin
    Worked at 1st Battalion 6th Infantry (11B Infantry)
    Studied at Blue Ridge Community College
    Lives in Staunton, Virginia

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    Default Re: Heads up ....

    Yes, there have been a couple different threads about this deadbeat Scott Martin going by the username newtyer1 on the forum before I banned him.

    Thanks for pointing out his new handle Bamboo1! He hasn't tried logging on here with the new handle, but I will keep an eye out.

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