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    Default Lily pad fishing

    Been chasing chain pickerel,in the lily pads lately.
    Have a question on acouple things.

    I'm using a floating line but it will still submerge enough to go under pad.
    It been messing up my hook sets at times and other than shorter casts,I'm having a hard time keeping the line from laying(a lot) on the water.
    Is it something I'm just going to have to live with or is someone doing something different?

    Also,what type weed guards are the best for this type fishing?
    My current ones are heavy mono line but they can move to the side and when hooking into a fresh lily pad stem,theres no pulling it out..till I can get the boat to it.

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    Default Re: Lily pad fishing

    When's the last time you cleaned your line? You can get a line conditioner that may help it float a bit better.
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    Default Re: Lily pad fishing

    First of all, your "boat" has to be stationary so that the wind doesn't shift you around, causing your line to get wrapped around the lilly stems.
    Then when you cast, keep your rod tip up like you were skating a caddis dry and try to skip your popper across the very top of the pads.
    You have to keep the popper in motion or it will drop down just enough to get stuck.

    I use a double mono weed guard and try to line them up so one is on each side of the hook point. This serves a double duty as at some point one of the weed guards will get bend out of shape. You can cut it off and still have another extending the life of the popper.
    As for missing hits, that may be because your weed guard is too heavy. 2 lighter ones would be better than 1 heavy.

    Other than that you have to just deal with it

    Double weed guard

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    Default Re: Lily pad fishing

    Here is the kind of Lilly-pad action we get here in southeast Idaho:

    Where we fish:

    Lilly-pads in the background at water level:

    Also, bullrushes and cattails abound - perfect bass water, but springfed and inhabited by feisty trout:

    These are what we catch:

    I keep hoping for a big largemouth to be on the end of my line!

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: Lily pad fishing

    Just a suggestion.....try a wire weed guard instead of the mono. Different weed guards work better in different conditions.

    If you are having trouble getting the hook set because the line gets under the pads and thereby interfering with a normal hook set by raising the rod tip you may find that a strip set will work better as long as you keep a straight line and a low rod tip. This is the normal saltwater hook set.

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    Default Re: Lily pad fishing

    Thanks for the replies...
    The wind,plus my boat moving(by me),is probably playing a big part in the line going under the lily pads.I'm so used to moving all the time,going to have to try anchoring myself,especially in the windy conditions.
    Strip set is something I've been trying getting better with it,just hard when the fish go airborne.
    Might look at some other type weed guards as well.

    Kelly,not sure I'd even throw into those lily pads with a fly rod.
    If I were catching trout like that,largemouth wouldn't even be in my mind.
    Nice fish...
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