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    Default What does # of rod pieces effect?

    Hey all,

    I wanted to know what type of effect the number of rod pieces has on a rod. I know people PREFER different styles, but aside from preference, how is the performance of the rod action affected?

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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    Aside from packabillity, it usually makes a rod a bit faster. In the days of bamboo, the rod with more pieces was not as slow as a 2-piece. There are several thoughts on this (and I know that others will either correct me or expand on it):

    1- Bamboo rods are usually solid (except the hollow-builts) so a ferrules is kind of "stiff" point as there is hardly no flex in the steel used. Thus, the rod is usually faster.

    2- With graphite rods, they are hollow, however, the ferrules in a graphite rod have been a point of consternation with alot of rod manufacturers...this is why you see so many different types and technologies with ferrules. Usually, it is considered the weak point in the blank.
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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    It used to be that 4 piece rods were a bit stiffer than the equivalent 2 pc rods but not so any more. The number of ferrules are an integral part of the design. 4 piece rods are a bit heavier than a 2 piece rods.

    Some fly rods are not even made as 2 pc rods.

    All things considered, I prefer 4 pc rods because of their convenience and market availabilitiy. There are more ferrules and breaks occur most often above a ferrule BUT the smaller broken section is usually cheaper to repair AND it certainly is cheaper to send a smaller 4 pc rod. A 4 pc 9 ft rod fits nicely into the USPS triangular priority pkg.

    An additional benefit is if you ever want to sell your rod, 2 pc rods have less of an after market demand.


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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    Before the days of graphite custom rod builders bought blanks and they were mostly, if not all, one piece blanks. The rod builder would cut the blank and install a ferrule (steel or aluminum) These ferrules were generally in the area of 3" long. 3" of steel inserted into the center of a flexable tube will to some extent upset the normal flex curve of that tube. I am not sure but I believe that Fenwick developed glass ferrules which were an improvement over the metal ones. There is still an interruption but not as much. Some flycasters say that they can feel these ferrule interruptions while casting and I sure would not argue the point with them. I personally can't feel any 'dead spots' with either the glass or graphite ferrules and I would never again buy a one piece rod over either a 2 piece or 4 piece rod. The 4 piece rods cast quite well and are immensely easier to transport to from home to water. I have owned several one piece rods over the years and I will never own another.

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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    I am no rod expert so I just have an opinion. I like the feel of fewer pieces. I speak only from the principle of continuity. I feel the extra bulk of multiple ferrules has an effect on the sensitivity of the the rod. And the same rod in a 4 piece or a 2 piece would perform slightly differently. Just my 2 cents though. i do see the advantages of a 4 piece for convenience and travelability.
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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    Technology has come a long way here is a video that just leaves me in amazement every time I watch it.

    [ame=]Breaking a $795 Orvis Helios 2 fly rod[/ame]

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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    Really cool video.

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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    Here's another rod snapped, this one an Echo.

    Edit:I also prefer the 4 piece modern 9' graphite rods to 2 piece in the same material for all the reasons prevously mentioned. There would be little reason for short bamboo rods, or even graphite for that matter, to be in 4 pieces.
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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    Thought a way to figure out how ferrules impact weight would be to check the weight of blanks, so I checked some blank manufacturer's sites to see if they yielded any clues - ex. Batson makes RX7 in 2 and 4 pieces and RX6 in 2, 4, and 5 pieces. Here are some comparisons:

    RX7: All blanks listed described as Med-Fast

    764-2 1.08 oz
    764-4 1.17 oz

    905-2 1.74 oz
    905-4 1.62 oz

    906-2 1.70 oz
    906-4 1.76 oz

    RX6: All blanks described as Mod-Fast

    764-2 1.20 oz
    764-4 1.19 oz
    764-5 1.17 oz

    905-2 1.60 oz
    905-4 1.75 oz
    905-5 1.78 oz

    906-2 2.08 oz
    906-4 1.78 oz
    906-5 1.94 oz

    I don't understand how they figure the tapers and roll the blanks, but more ferrules doesn't always mean more weight, at least with the list above. Not sure any manufacturer takes the same blank and just adds more or less ferrules, but, as others have said, they alter the blank to account for their presence meaning more ferrules don't always mean heavier rod in the same rod line. Saw a thread where a builder weighed his rod repeatedly throughout the build process. Despite all the talk of wraps and epoxy adding more weight, he showed it really wasn't much weight so the extra ferrule wraps required on multi-piece rods would have to be practically negligible.

    Perhaps all this does is indicate that the manufacturers tweek the blank when adding ferrules. Would someone need to do the common cents test on the blanks to determine if the result is rods with a different number of ferrules that still cast the same?
    - William

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    Default Re: What does # of rod pieces effect?

    I don't really think it makes any difference at all with these new technology rods?

    I have several four piece, and none have ever given me a prob. My fave is my Orvis Helios (it's the lightest rod in the world ...... the main reason I purchased it)

    Titanium flex guides are super lite, and the rod will cast any line like a pro every time.

    I've noticed that Sage went to 3 piece rods? I always leave 1 and 2 connected, and 3 and 4 also connected. It's just like a 2 pc rod ..... except when I break it down in a tube, it's super small.

    IMHO, the most important feature of a rod is the weight. I always compare before buying!

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