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    Another suggestion I have is that when walking upstream along the stream bank, carry the fly rod with the rod tip facing backward.

    This is why. Suppose a right handed fisher is walking upstream along the left left bank, carrying the rod facing forward in his right hand. This is typically the way a fly rodder will carry his rod since it is then ready to cast should he see a rise. When you do this, the rod tip can wave over the edge of the stream and spook a fish that lying along the bank.

    If you carry the rod facing backward, you will not spook fish ahead of you with the rod tip.


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    With respect to the two specific questions that you asked: Yes, upstream casts with a long leader would probably be helpful.

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    Silver great post on the trouts eye view! I picked the same spot as you on the puzzle as my first choice but as an alternate I choose the bottom of the run to the left. To much aeration to ignore as well as a good bank!
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    i know that trout season in WI is now closed...

    since this thread has been reborn i would suggest staying hidden in the grass and maybe a long rod with a dapping technique?

    are you talking about some streams close to Milwaukee or Waukesha county?

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