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    I am switching over from mono leader to a furled uni thread leader. Which leader is better, one with a tippet ring or one with a woven loop on the end?

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    Scott: I really have no idea, maybe Mike from Cutthroat Leaders will weigh in, if not send him a PM. Also Joni would be a good source for that question.
    Personally, I buy the leaders with the little ring, just seems (for me anyway) it is easier to clip off the tippet when it gets too short and putting new tippet materail on without risking damaging the leader. YMMV!

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    We at Cutthroat Leaders sell more with the tippet ring, about 80% of our sales are with the ring. The one thing to keep in mid is that a 4-5-6 weight dry fly leader with a ring is good for 5x, 6x, 7x tippet. The shorb loop add about 3/4-1lb of strength to the leader. The ring does make tieing on of tippet much easier. Also, we do not see any significant changes to casting/presentation. If you have any more specific questions about furled leaders, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at:

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