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Thread: Old Fly Line

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    I bought an old automatic real from the early 60's off ebay. It came packed in its original box and loaded with "D" weight fly line. I suspect this line in no longer good since it is 50 years old. But, does anyone have any idea what "D" weight line would correspond to today? By the way, the real is in new condition and is an old Shakespeare Model 1827 Tru-Art. It is much like the first real I had in the 60s when I first started fly-fishing. After a 40+ year absence, I am taking the sport up again.

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    Welcome to the forum, this thread will help with your question; How to Convert the Old Line Weights to Modern AFTMA Line Weights;

    I do hope that you'll stick around and use us as a resource while you discover how much things have changed in the past 3 decades or so.


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