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Thread: Hurt!

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    bad news i split my finger wide open and fractured it too today.. With only a lil over a 2 weeks before i get home! Im pretty upset because it is my casting hand!
    bad luck! i can cast pretty descent with my other arm but i tend to set the hook like a bass pro with it so im hopeful but its not gonna stop me from hitting the water!!!!!!!

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    sorry for the typing its kinda difficult lol

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    Ummmm ... cast with the other hand??

    Really ... do take care, let it heal, and come home safe and sound (OK ... albeit a split and fractured finger, but, you know what I mean!!).

    Just so's you know I DO sympathize with you on this. A month ago I was putting in support for a rose trellis, and whacked my hand with a hammer. Managed to crack a chunk of knuckle off the index finger (where it joins the hand). You've never seen bruising like this, or swelling, it was totally kewl!! Kept going with the fly tying, fishing, and everything else an old woman has to do ... and finally yesterday, under great duress, had the stupid thing x-rayed. Yep, it's healing. I coulda told him that!! Learned some new words in the process.

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    Noah: Sorry to hear the bad news, hopefully you will be able to cast once you get home.

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    Sorry to hear about your injury, hopefully within the 2 weeks you're well on your way to healing. If not, this would be a great opportunity to improve casting with your other arm. It's a good skill to have in your tool box and one that's often overlooked.

    Get home safe and Happy 4th!
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    Thanks everybody!! ill keep ya posted on the healing progress wish me luck!

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