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Thread: Nymphs/Streamers

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    Default Nymphs/Streamers

    I have been reading alot about techniques on how to fish Nymphs/Streamers. There is mention of adding weight to the fly.
    I see that there are split shots available. My question is what size shots and were are they attached?

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    Default Re: Nymphs/Streamers

    seajay: There are quite a few different methods to rigging a nymph line, here is a video that covers one basic approach:
    [ame=]YouTube - HD "Beginner's Guide to Setting Up a Nymph Rig With Indicator" w/ Nate[/ame]

    Here is another approach: [ame=]YouTube - Simple Nymph Rigs[/ame]

    Another approach that works well when drifting flies through a heavily algea covered stream is to tie the tippet on with a triple surgeons knot and leaving about a 4-6" tag (that you tie a nymph on to the end of the tag), then at the bottom of the tippet, repeat with another piece of tippet, again leaving a 4-6" tag end (tying the second fly to that tag) then on the botton attach the weights. This is kind of a pain to tie and rig but the advantage is that the flies don't get fouled with algea and if anything gets snagged on the bottom of the river it is usually the weight and not the flies.

    For streamers I like to use a sinktip fly line, at the end I tie a 3' piece of 14 lb mono then attach another 3' piece of 6-10 lb mono, then attach the streamer.


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    Default Re: Nymphs/Streamers

    Quote Originally Posted by seajay View Post
    My question is what size shots and were are they attached?
    Size of the split shot will vary on the depth that you want to fish. Placement is usually anywhere from six inches to one foot above the point fly.

    You are probably best off getting a selection wheel and experimenting with different sizes.


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