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Thread: My New Stick!

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    Default My New Stick!

    I've been looking at upgrading my rod for some time now and yesterday I finally decided with the Sage VXP in 9' 5wt. I matched it with the Sage 1800 series and I may love the reel even more than the rod! (it is my first large arbor though) It balances so well, casts beautifully, and doesnt look too bad either!

    I got to take it out for a few hours this morning and managed to land two nice rainbows. It's amazing how much easier this rod throws line and hits where I want it to than my old clearwater! I can't wait to really break it in!
    "Some go to church and think about fishing, others go fishing and think about God."
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    Default Re: My New Stick!

    Nice looking outfit, congrats! You should have a blast breaking that rig in.

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    Default Re: My New Stick!

    It's good to know that you got some action on the rod already. But, please, get that cork dirty!

    Enjoy your new toy.


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    Nice choice I've been looking at one in a 6wt.

    “Fishing for me, as funny as it sounds, is sorta my brand of praying almost. I’m never closer to my spirituality than when I’m in the act of fishing.” - JT Van Zandt

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    Default Re: My New Stick!

    Congrats on the new bug wand! I've got a "thing" for large arbor reels; I just wish there were more large arbor reels out there for us obsessed with ultra light fly fishing.

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