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  1. Default Cool Brown Trout Video and head cam

    Thanks for the entertainment over the years. Here's a Montana Brown Trout video you all might enjoy:

    [ame= B8JXvEo1ZBoYG4KgMtyc-RT]Fly Fishing Montana Brown Trout - Head Cam FIY - Solvid - YouTube[/ame]

    I might have to try that system out. I found this while watching their hunting films, and they are excellent! I highly recommend.

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    Default Re: Cool Brown Trout Video and head cam

    Not sure if I will be wearing a head cam any time soon but I do love the Big Hole. Such a cool river and those browns have so much color.

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    Default Re: Cool Brown Trout Video and head cam

    Beautiful fish and beautiful country, love the huge hills.

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