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Thread: Bright colored rods for "kids"?

  1. Default Bright colored rods for "kids"?

    anyone know where I can find some?

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Bright colored rods for "kids"?

    Check out the Echo Gecko. They come in a 4/5wt and are only 7'9" long. They are yellow blanks, with foam blue handles built specifically for younger fly anglers. Pretty cool rod, actually.

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    Default Re: Bright colored rods for "kids"?

    Also check out the TFO Bug Launcher. They come in 4/5 and 5/6.

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    yes, those both look good, thanks

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    Default Re: Bright colored rods for "kids"?

    I bought my 8yo daughter the Hot Pink Ross 7'9 4wt. I think it's called the journey

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    Default Re: Bright colored rods for "kids"?

    Bright orange and a name to please kids..and parents (haha). Haven't seen one in a while but the super popular Carrot Stix rods made a fly rod called the Flying Carrot Stix Fly Rods.

    Description from Carrot Stix:
    E21's first fly rod called Flying Carrot Stix. These aren't just any fly rods but have features that you won't find in other fly rods. If you look at all the fly rods on the market today, none are designed to have a balance point where you would grip the rod. The Flying Carrot is designed so that when you put your fly reel on the fly rod it will be balanced with the center of gravity being located precisely where you grip it.
    ~ Put backing on your line... Even if you never use it, it helps you dream.

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