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    Default The Return of Bass Thumb

    Ever since I hooked my first carp about a month ago, I've been tirelessly hunting for more. This past weekend, I saw a number of large, active bass and thought I'd take the ol' corn fly off.

    I would like to announce the triumphant return of Bass Thumb (cue the dramatic music).

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    Default Re: The Return of Bass Thumb

    Very nice! That's always a good thing to come home with

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    Default Re: The Return of Bass Thumb

    Good work, Nick!

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    Default Re: The Return of Bass Thumb

    My last farm pond adventure yielded both my thumbs looking like some blood. it was awesome, cant wait to go back.
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    Default Re: The Return of Bass Thumb

    Ah, the memories ! It's like saltwater fishing, and the "red badge of courage". It's all good, too. Bass thumb, reel burn, fin punctures, leader cuts, Ooooooh, yeah ! Makes 'ya feel like you did something
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    Default Re: The Return of Bass Thumb

    Don't forget a good case of Monkey Butt from sand and water chafe.

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    Default Re: The Return of Bass Thumb

    Best reward after a day on the water.

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