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    Default Re: Time To 'Fess Up...

    I love to fish. Fly fishing is such a great sport. My sons and I fly fish together often. I also fish with friends who just use spinning tackle. I will go trolling on my buddies boat, catching very big fish that happen to hang out at a depth that far excedes the capacity of my fly reels. I have fished in the Keys with a Cuban hand spool, no rod at all. It's all good. I'm a fisherman. I had the good fortune to land a 46 pound tarpon on a 6' spinning rod, with a Mitchell 300, and 12 # Ande monofiliment line. I was 13 years old at the time. I enjoyed every second of that fight. It was a long time ago, but maybe still the best 45 minutes of fishing in my life. Would that be awesome with a fly rod ? Sure. But it did'nt happen that way. Why limit yourself ?
    I don't look down my nose at other fishermen using conventional tackle. I join them. None of my fishing friends are snobs, or so into only one method that I would be uncomfortable on an outing with them. We can fly fish, too. But it's not my place to "convert" them to the fly rod. We just enjoy a good day on the water.
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    Default Re: Time To 'Fess Up...

    Another Orvis catalog arrived at my house today.

    Four pages with:

    "Get out and fish" It doesn't matter how you fish, just that you fish"

    Lots of spin rod promotion in the new Orvis catalogs!

    Me ....... I pack both a fly and spin in my float tube!

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    Default Re: Time To 'Fess Up...

    Well put, siege and rickf... Snobbery of any kind has no place in the sport of fishing, regardless of your choice in gear. While the majority of my fishing is done with a fly rod in hand, I'm not above grabbing the ultra-light spinning outfit when the crappies and bluegills are working the shallows. An angler-- any angler --has to be able to adapt and overcome...

    As the Orvis catalog says, "It doesn't matter how you fish... just that you fish..." Amen to that!

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    My first reel was a Johnson City spinning from the local Western Auto store. It didn't have a bail, just a line bearing guide. I have never owned a bait caster. I started fly fishing in 1999 and loved it. Rods from 4wt to 9wt and fished for bream to strippers. Hit some hard times in 2002 and sold all of my fly equipment. Only kept a few U/L spinning set ups and one 7wt fly outfit.
    Just started fishing again this year. Relined the 7wt for me and the UL spinning for my wife. (She has always been my best fishing buddy.) I still fly fish about 80% of the time but have no problems using a spinning outfit when conditions warrant.

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    Default Re: Time To 'Fess Up...

    I grew up in a fly fishing household
    My father fly fished. My grandfather fly fished. And I had my first fly rod by the age of 7. I had a spin rod too, but it broke so it was fly rod or nothing for me.
    I tied my first fly that I caught a fish on in 1963 and I've been pretty much "fly rod only" since about 1968. Tied every one of my own flies since 1974.
    I find that I can fish cold water, warm water and the salt successfully with a fly rod and I don't see any reason to do it differently.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Time To 'Fess Up...

    Myself, I maintain a couple spinning rods for deep drifting for walleye in Lake Huron/St. Clair River mouth (landed/boated 11 last saturday night, btw). Fishing depths of 20-60' tough for the fly rod to get down. 'Sure', I could troll with the fly rod...full sink line, weighted fly with split shots....and I am confident I would catch that way also...but that ain't fly casting...and is barely fly fishing.

    Sometimes, anything but fly rodding, is a necessary evil...

    King Joe Outa Here!

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    i kinda feel the same way. for me trout fishing means flyfishing.bass panfish etc, i will flyfish whenever possible but if i need to use a light or ultralight spinning rod to get the presentation i need to catch fish i will. slinging a heavily weighted fly on an 8wt with a sinking line isnt enjoyable to me so i dont do it.others opinions may vary.

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    Default Re: Time To 'Fess Up...

    Trout -100% fly rod. Warm water species - about 50/50. I love chunkin plastics for smallmouth on a baitcaster, especially if I'm scouting out new waters.

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    Default Re: Time To 'Fess Up...

    I was raised with spinning gear. Nothing wrong with that. My dad got a fly rod one year for xmas and i thought it looked like fun. i tried it and was so-so about it. I started getting into tying flies and that was what made me get more into the fly fishing, I had all these dang flies. For many years I was probably 70/30 spin to fly, however once I moved back home from college I very quickly flipped flopped, and in the past 7-8 years I have used my ultra-light maybe 5 times. Maybe. Nothing wrong with it, I just much rather enjoy the fly fishing, even though its more difficult, I enjoy it much more.

    I do have a baitcaster in my rod rack, its got alot of dust on it and some old 15lb on it. i could probably cast it cleanly, but i dont have have any of my bass lures/plastics at my house.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    count me in!!

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