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    Default Sawyer Insect Spray

    Sorry folks, parks closed...

    Anyone ever used this juice? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Looks badass.


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    Default Re: Sawyer Insect Spray

    There was a good discussion here a while ago that you may enjoy, if you can find it.
    If you're in a hurry, the short version goes like this :
    1. Deet works well, but is very nasty stuff. It is pretty toxic, and can melt some of your equipment.
    2. Sawyers makes some juice that has no deet.
    3. Most but not all who tried the Sawyers liked it better, or at least said it works well.
    We have not had a bad year for bugs. I bought some Sawyers, but have not had to use it in extreme conditions yet. And that's a good thing.
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    Default Re: Sawyer Insect Spray

    They have several offerings:

    Sawyer® Products - Water Filtration, Insect Repellent, Sunscreens and More

    I have used Permethrin to treat clothing and I've not had a tick (knock on wood).

    I also carry the small sized Picaridin in my pouch. It works good on mosquitoes but the small no see-ums and gnats are a different story.
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