One of my favorite fly rods is a LL Bean Double L 9' 3wt from back in the early 90s when they were made by GLoomis. Its a smooth IM-6 rod thats a dream to cast dries and small nymphs. The rod is getting tired and the ferrel is showing its years by the gap getting pretty small.

As a possible replacement I scored a very nice Sage 390 RPL but have yet to cast yet. I have owned a bunch of RPLs over the years and yes they can be a tad fast but some seem to be right on the money. For instance my 790, 5100 and 6100 are IMO very close to being correctly rated. The Loomis is a pretty powerful 3wt, it is lined with a GPX Textured WF3 and I plan to use this line on the Sage.

I just got a 4wt Scott STS, I hope that the Sage is different enough like the LLBean/Loomis is. Anyone have a 390RPL?