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    Default Your home/favorite Fly Shop?

    Hey everybody,
    Larry proposed this idea and I thought it was a great one. Lets create a running thread with info about the best fly shops in a given area. Be sure to let us know if they offer tying/casting lessons, specialize in a given fishery, offer guiding services, or other important details like that.

    Though I live a good ways away from it, my "home" shop is Tackle Box Outfitters, aka "the Tackle Box", on New Braunfels ave in San Antonio, TX. Its Texas' oldest fly shop and the tackle section has been staffed by the same two fly angling experts for many years. Rick is quite an expert on fishing in Mexico, and Bruce has fished almost every stream in the Texas Hill Country. I think they still do casting and tying lessons on saturdays. (and their inventory is much more up to date than their website, so don't let that fool you.)

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    Default Re: Your home/favorite Fly Shop?

    Hmmm....lots of good ones here in Albuquerque. I'll start with Charlie's Sporting Goods. Kind of a "Mom n Pop" store that covers just about everything outdoors. Kinda reminds me of the old Oshman's in Beaumont when I was growing up. Great, knowledgable staff. They carry Sage, Scott, Reddington, St Croix, and a few others. They pretty much insist you test cast rods out back before you buy and offer casting/tying lessons. They also hook you up with a local group of people that cast together on Saturdays at a local park. Darn good selection of goodies and a fairly good selection of tying materials.

    Los Pinos Fly Shop is another local shop that is awesome as well. Strictly flyfishing with just about anything you want. Offers casting and tying lessons and also has all the stuff for rod building (gotta do that one of these days).

    Both places have super nice people that aren't afraid to give advice on casting, where to go, hot flies and all that. Believe it or not, their prices are on par with Sportsman's Warehouse and even Cabelas! It really makes it a no brainer on where I do most of my shopping and it's nice to be at either place in less than 5 minutes.

    A couple of places I haven't had a chance to spend much time in on the San Juan are Float N Fish and Abe's. Both places are friendly, have the correct flies unique to Da Juan and gladly tell you what's hot and where.


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    Here in Idaho Falls, ID. I like Jimmy's All Season Angler the best. I was turned on to the them by a forum member a week or two ago and have been in there 3 or 4 times since. (The weather is horrible right now, so I am constantly thinking about getting new gear, books, etc.!) Jimmy's has the best, most up to date fishing report I have ever seen for all major waters around here. They also carry a wide range of rods, from TFO and Echo, on up to Sage and Winston on the high end. They offer free fly tying clinics on Saturday mornings as well as classes you can pay for during the week. When the weather warms up they have casting clinics as well. I have always been pleased with the attention and customer service I receive when I walk in the door.

    I would feel bad if I also didn't say something good about SW here in IF. That is where I got all my stuff when I started fly fishing last summer and they are super helpful as well. The staff is actually knowledgable and they do a good job of hiring people that care about fishing and have good customer service skills. I personally will still be buying all my flies from SW because they are way cheaper, but plan on spending the majority of my money at Jimmy's.

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    Default Re: Your home/favorite Fly Shop?

    Hi to all,

    We have a lot of very good fly shops in Florida but most are oriented toward salt water fishing. The closest shop to me is 20 miles away at Crystal River, FL. The Natural Coast Fly Shop is a great little shop. They carry fly tying materials with a very good selection for salt water fishing. A good selections of premium fly rods and reels. It is an Orvis shop but he is not heavy in Orvis items. They have guide service for salt water fishing mostly targeting Redfish and Tarpon when in season. They feature Renzetti vises, Orvis and Simms waders. A very small shop with high quality equipment.


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    Thanks To CLiff to start:

    I am sure alot of us like to go to other places to fish so Why dont we tell our neighborhood Flyshops and if they are worth visiting.

    Mine is THE UGLY BUG in Casper Wy, They are great bunch in there. If you need to know where and whats biting stop in and see them. They offer tying classes some with some very famous people in tying. Great line of products and good prices. Also Sportsmans warehouse is here on 2nd st. They have everything for fishing you could need. For a big retail store they actually have knowlegable employees there that really can offer decent help.
    DO NOT go to Rocky mtn discount on CY. They are awsome for Bow hunting but they eliminated their flyfishing products to almost nothing,
    BUT in a pinch there is always wally world, There is our best and worse here in Casper Wy. If your coming to town stop in,

    Also the Ugly Bug offers guide services and rentals,
    Today is the first day of the rest of your life:

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    Here in Northern San Diego county we are a little bit limited. The primary fly shop that I go to is the San Diego Fly Shop in Solana Beach. Its about a 40 minute drive from home but they have the best selection of just about everything in the area. It is not often that leave that shop empty handed (which my wife always gives me a ration about).

    They carry a variety of rods, reels, lines, and other accessories. They also carry a very good selection of hand tied flies for salt and freshwater.

    They do offer a guide service but as far as I know it is limited to salt water fly fishing.

    The guys that run the shop are very knowledgeable and always willing to listen and offer advice.

    My alternate "shop" to go to is the local Sport Chalet. I go there primarily to pick up small items that I need, maybe a few extra flies and that is about it.


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    Default Re: Your home/favorite Fly Shop?

    Ok, good topic.
    In my area we have 2 flyshops and a Sportsmans warehouse.

    One flyshop feels they are the only place in town and if your not going to drop some major coin they are really not that helpful so therefor I won't mention their name.

    Sportsmans Warehouse has the best selection of rods and materials, but the staff is a little lackluster.

    The other is Anglers Den, managed by a guy that I have dealt with for years, Wade Jacklin, he's always very helpful, never makes you feel rushed, always willing to spend time with customers whether they are new to the sport or been doing it for years.

    As far as other shops, Dorian mentioned Jimmys' in Idaho Falls, very good shop and all that he mentioned is true.

    SouthFork outfitters on the banks of the South Fork of the Snake River(near Swan Valley) has a very nice shop, knowledgable staff and first rate guides, the down side for them is that their lodging is tailored for high end clients and the restaurant is ok but a little too ritzy for me, they do have a bar that serves a better albeit smaller menu but the beer is always cold.

    In this area if you want a killer burger go to the 'Fox's cornered bar' in Swan Valley.

    If your on the Henry's Fork in Last Chance Idaho, stop in to the Trouthunter, they have very good guides, hand selected fly tying materials from the 'House of Harrop', not to mention 'HOH' flies and top notch equipment.
    The restaurant is great, if your there in the Summer they often times will have live bands playing inhouse, and the rooms are very nice too.

    And across the street you have the new home for 'Henry's Fork Anglers'(same spot, new building) which is still run by Mike Lawson. the place is amazing, and has a fancy Coffee shop upstairs, if you go you have to check out Mikes' aquarium .

    Another place to check out in Last Chance is the 'Grub Stake' general store and gas station run by Brad and Dionne Smith.
    Brad is a very accomplished flyfisherman, has a small selection of flies, and a good selection of beer and wine, they also put on one helluva 4th of July fire works show, just bring your own lawn chairs.
    And the #1 reason to stop in, Dionne makes the best darn deli sandwich around, have her put the homemade mustard on it too!! thinkin about it makes my mouth water.

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    Here in Los Angeles I today found my favorite fly fishing shop right off of Burbank Blvd near Van Nuys Blvd called Fisherman's Spot Flyfishing Specialties. I was at my wits end the other day because I couldn't locate anywhere in LA that catered to fly fisherman. Thank's to the internet and a quick yellow pages search I located one and the help there was incredible. Being new to fly fishing I had a few questions and the employee that helped me was very informative and helpful. Their shop is top-notch and they have everything you will ever need. Their located at 14423 Burbank Blvd in Van Nuys CA. Check 'em out if your in the area.

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    Default Re: Your home/favorite Fly Shop?

    my favorite shop---read my sig...
    sandfly/ bob
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    Default Re: Your home/favorite Fly Shop?

    The Backpackers Shop---Sheffield,Ohio

    Northern Ohio isnt usually thought of as a flyfishing mecca but with the introduction of the manistee strain of steelhead into Lake Erie tributaries there is a lot more interest in flyfishing. The Backpacker's Shop has expanded its flyfishing/flytying dept into something that is quite nice (i have to drive past it to get home). Everyone that works there in the fishing department are very much into flyfishing, flytying and rodbuilding.

    Some of thier product lines include Sage, Scott, T&T, Winston, Tfo, Tibor, Ross, Orvis, Lamson, Bauer, Reddington, Rio, Simms and Fishpond.

    Some saltwater stuff is showing up---the only other place that might have some is 60 miles away.

    Flytying classes are held on the premises and there is a casting platform to try rods out. The local FFF chapter meets a couple miles away and casting demos and more flytying and rodbuilding is done there as the employees at the Backpackers Shop are members also. The shop doesnt run trips but if you hang around the shop and join FFF, you can hear about trips to Belize, the Bahamas, the keys, and freshwater trips to Pennsylvania and Michigan as well as warmwater trips to lake St. Clair and lake Erie for bass, musky and carp.

    Beside flyfishing the shop has great outdoor clothing for hiking and camping and great canoes and kayaks.

    I feel fortunate to live 5 miles away.
    "something is happening here but i dont know what it is"---dylan

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