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Thread: Connecting Loop to Loop?

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    I just had my first fly rod fitted with a new line and the butt section was tied to the fly line using a nail knot and the foremost end of the butt section has a pre-tied loop at the end. I purchased a pack of pre-looped tapered leaders and am confused on how to connect these two loops. I have thought about cutting both off and tying them together using a another nail knot???

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    It's really pretty easy.

    Check this out: Loop-to-Loop Connection
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    Many of the knots used in fly fishing seem a little on
    the dofficult side until you have practiced them, then
    you'll see they really are not difficult.

    An easy way to see & get info on knots is what I did for
    a 28 page writeup I did for a fly fishing class that I held at
    my church last year. Go to "goggle" & type in fly fishing knots.
    I found all kind of sites showing step by step knot tying
    examples & even short video clips.

    The loop to loop is quite simple. Take the end of the lines
    that have the loops, one in each hand & facing each other.
    Place one loop over the other. Take the end of the line of
    the one you just overlapped & take it thru the opening of
    the overlapped loop. Pull on that same end. The loops will
    interlock & your done.

    Hope this helps, I use these all the time,

    Tie One On

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernSteve View Post
    It's really pretty easy.

    Check this out: Loop-to-Loop Connection
    Before posting I actually connected the two as in the example you provided in your link however, they wouldn't really "keep" together. They would open up a bit after I would release them after pulling them away from each other. Would that be a problem? If not I'll just leave 'em as is. Thanks!

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    what you need to do is take the loop connected to the leader and put the loop conected to then line through it. then take the end of the leader and put it through the loop conneced to the line and pull tight, the "opening" up you mentioned is just because their new and not broken in yet. just keep em pulled tight for a while and they will be good.

    with that said, i dont use loop to loop connections, they seem to get snaged up to much for my tastes on the rod. i usuall just get a good section of butt and nail knot it to the line and then progressivly nail/ blood knot sections of leader onto it as needed. it works fine for me others dont like it.

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    Although my local fly shop doesn't advocate it, I use loop to loop connections all the time for line to leader attachment. I guess that my greatest concern using this set up is "hinging" between the line and leader, which can happen when the leader is not firmly mated to the line; such as with a nail knot. But, at this point in my development as a fly fisher, I have a whole collection of problems that make this one seem almost inconsequential. So for the time being, I plan to stick to loop to loop connections. They're quick, they're easy and they do catch fish.

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    Hi Pocono,
    If you would like you can email me and we could do some fishing and maybe iron out some of the buggs for you let me know.

    Allen Landheer
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    I like the loop to loop connection. And best of all I catch fish from salmon to trout. Not being a purist it works for me.

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    As a shop owner i recommend loop to loop for fishing, unless you are an advanced flyfisher who doesnt mind the xtra time tying knots...I use them all the time with my systems...
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