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    Default Moving Kindle Books to Your PC

    I know this isn't fishing related per se, but I thought folks might be interested. I have been frustrated trying to get the books I've bought from Amazon onto my PC. A friend sent me this link, and BAM!, I was on to all my books, even the bookmarks. Its a perfect mirror of my nexus tablet (the Amazon products anyway). If only there was one to Google and the books and apps I have from them. Anyway the link is safe, its Amazon, and it takes about two seconds to install. Once you do you'll get a Kindle icon on your screen and you can get to your content from your lap top. This is a good thing as at least for me I'd rather read a book from a 15" screen than a7" one.


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    Default Re: Moving Kindle Books to Your PC

    I'd rather have a real book to read.

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    Default Re: Moving Kindle Books to Your PC

    Quote Originally Posted by rockriver View Post
    I'd rather have a real book to read.
    Ditto. Kindle/Nook/et al are the modern equivalent of book burning.

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    Default Re: Moving Kindle Books to Your PC

    I much prefer a real paper book myself, but I have a Kindle app on my phone and I love it. I don't even have a Kindle, just apps on my phone and PC. My phone has several dozen books, and since I always have it with me I'm never without a book to read. Stuck waiting at the DMV, waiting in the car while my wife runs into a store "for a minute," waiting for a meeting to start, etc., etc., I can open a good book and relieve the boredom.

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    Default Re: Moving Kindle Books to Your PC

    + 1 Half Fast !

    I'm old school,too, guys.

    I have dozens of books on my tablet, in a Kindle app. Most of them were free, or very inexpensive, as was the app itself.
    Wherever I go, I can take an entire library with me in a package less than a half inch thick. Also, magazines, and newspapers that are up to the minute, can be immediately available.
    I have dozens of books laying around that I enjoyed reading, but since I seldom read a novel more than once, they are taking up space, and I can't just delete them. I read 3 or 4 books a month.Refrence books, I like on my bookshelf in the den at home. Pleasure reading ? The Kindle wins, hands down. With my tablet, I can adjust the size of the type, contrast, and background brightness. Makes things easier on my old school eyes.
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    Default Re: Moving Kindle Books to Your PC

    Great tip! Got Essential Trout Flies on my kindle when it was offered for free and it'll be easier to see on the PC. Love my Kindle, great way to travel with kids and multiple books plus videos etc. Have well over 1,000 paper books, but find the Kindle a great way to read while traveling and when going to bed.
    - William

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    Default Re: Moving Kindle Books to Your PC

    I have the Kindle app on my IPad and like to read books when I'm working out at the gym on the elliptical machine or like the others have said when I'm waiting somewhere, like at the airport waiting for the next flight.

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