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    Default Free stuff for steelhead

    Ok, I am here to share the wealth. Kayo is doing me a solid and sending some flytying stuff my way. I'll pay him back by paying his (very much appreciated) kindness forward. I bought a large lot of flytying stuff off of Ebay. Most of it I can use. But there's great stuff I can't and that's what's on offer.

    Vise: This is an aluminum "Sunrise" vise, pretty much a Thompson ripoff like in every fly tying kit out there. Difference is this is aluminium not pot metal. Its smaller than the 3/8" and has no clamp or base, but if you screw down it will work.

    Turkey feathers: These are two pretty full bags of turkey flats in cream and dun (a blueish shade).
    Deer hair from a hide in an orangeish red
    A segmented box of Jorgenson's sparkle dubbing number 2 (a dozen compartments full) in purple and orangeish colors
    A roll of orange egg sack mesh
    Some burgundy chenille
    A natural buck tail
    4 pink spakrly round egg things
    A bag of pink orange and chartreuse small foam indicators

    This a package deal. You take it all and pay shipping. I'll send it USPS in a prepaid priority box.l

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    Default Re: Free stuff for steelhead

    PM Sent to you.

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    Default Re: Free stuff for steelhead

    Quote Originally Posted by nick k View Post
    PM Sent to you.
    I tried to PM you, but I'm not sure it worked. There doesn't seem to be a "sent" box on the PM page where you can read your sent messages. Anyway, another member has claimed it, sorry. It was first come first served. But maybe other folks will offer up stuff they aren't using? It could be a bit of a flea market.

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