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    I've got a Wilderness System Ride 115 sit on top yak, you can stand up in 'em, very stable, weighs 80#, can carry in the bed of a Ford Sport Trac. You can install a TM on it if desired, they also make a Ride 135. Also suggest you look at nucanoe, they have pretty slick one with raised seats, etc, good comments from some owners but no 1st hand experience with one. If I could sell the Ride or my Pungo, I would consider a Nucanoe.
    Beat me to the Nucanoe suggestion. The Nucanoe Frontier 12 is one bad little boat. Extremely stable, can seat 2 adults easy, and easy to add a motor if you desire later on.

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    Haven't decided yet but this might be awesome. Wish I could find a used one.

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    Outcast has some boats on Sale..

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    I really want something with a good sized outboard. I'd like something to paddle to but not for all the time.

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    Depending on where you wish to take a small boat. a 55lb thrust troller will move something like the Nucanoe along pretty dang good.

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