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Thread: Blast from the Past!

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    Default Blast from the Past!

    My first "top shelf" fly rod! Five years ago I purchased a Sage Fli. A 9' fast action 5 wt rod (it seemed that everybody used a 5 wt then). I went to Cabelas in Hamburg, PA and I checked out every fly rod in the store! LOL This one felt so light to me, with a wonderful taper (I was in the fly shop for several hours. The salesman was probably sick of me) $255, but that was a lot of money back in the day!

    I was so happy! That same week, I researched how to tie a Clouser on the internet.

    That started my love for fly fishing. And my love for tying flies. I would just tear up the smallmouth in the lower Susquehanna and the trout in the Yellow Breeches!

    I still have that rod. I think I'll take it out tomorrow for "old times" sake!

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    Rick that was my first "top shelf" rod as well. I too still love to fish it. I sometimes forget about it but from time to time I will break it out.

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