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Thread: Sorting lines ???

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    Default Sorting lines ???

    Went on a reel buying binge and ended up with a bunch of random fly lines I really don't know much about. Most of them are in really good shape.

    Have been trying to guess what weight they are by casting them on various rods. The results are a bit vague. All I really learned was which rod each line casts best on. Doesn't really help that I have only odd wight rods. So, felling a little light on my 5 and heavy on my 3 could be a light 5 or a 4 - sort of just a guess.

    Is there an easier to get a more definitive answer than buying a scale which measures grains and just massing the first 30' of the line?

    Thanks much.
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    Default Re: Sorting lines ???

    Some lines like SA have it printed right on the line.
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    Default Re: Sorting lines ???

    A scale would be a good place to start, though if you've found rods they fit with then that would be good enough for me. If a line is rated as a 6wt and I like it on a 5wt rod then what do I care what is written on the package?

    I know some lines are manufactured to be 1/2 weight over their rating so that kind of thing could through off your weights.
    - William

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