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Thread: Im hooked..

  1. Default Im hooked..

    Well new to the forum and fly fishing, i just bought my first fly rod and reel a week ago today and have been fishing almost everyday since i got it. I am completely terrible at casting but when i do cast right i seem to land fish like crazy. I have caught numerous blue gill and a couple brim and 4 bass averaging 3-4 lbs.

    I now prefer fly fishing over my spinners and no sure why.

    Now i have been using eastern dry flies i picked up from wally world and have caught fish on them.

    Now i am gonna order some poppers and froggy flies and maybe some fry flies as well.

    Now my main question is....what fly line and should i get weight foward? will this help with my casting?

    also what brand and weight.
    My rod is a 5/5 weight and 9 feet in length.

    Thanks for any advice you may give

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    Default Re: Im hooked..


    Welcome to the forum and the addiction! A weight forward floating line is a good all around line for many fishing applications.

    Of course, it depends on what type of fishing you're doing. Sinking lines have their uses as well, depending on depth, current, flies, and target species.

    Generally, when you're starting out, letting the rod load when you cast is a challenge. To help with that, you might consider a line like the Rio Grande. In a 5-wt. weight forward configuration, it actually has the weight of a 5 1/2 or 6-wt. This might help you "feel" the rod load a bit better. If you have a fast action rod, the extra weight can help your cast and be a bit more forgiving at the same time.

    I know what you mean. Since I took up fly fishing, I rarely use my spinning gear.


    ....Just one more cast...

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    I agree with Von behr. I will add that if your casting is not good, attend a fly casting class. Find one that is a certified casting instructor. I've been fly fishing for about 3 years and attended a class about a month ago, HUGE help. They will get you casting correctly BEFORE you start forming bad habits. If you wait to take a class, just be willing to have an open mind and put in effort to break whatever bad habit(s) you may have formed.
    "The core of mans spirit comes from new experiences" - C.J. McCandless

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    Where are you and what do you fish for? It will determine what type of line you want. As a general rule you want a weight forward floating as your go to line, particularly as a beginner, but there are exceptions. And even there circumstances matter. For instance I fish mainly inshore salt water in the mangroves and for bass. Here I choose a WF F bass bug taper, which is designed to turn over heavy flies with a short cast. The down side is you sacrifice range and delicacy. Its not what you'd want for small trout flies or hero casts to permit. Snook and bass though its perfect. Don't over complicate it though. A good weight forward floating line by any of the usual suspects is great to learn on and you'll catch fish with it. Good luck and welcome.

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    Default Re: Im hooked..

    The others have given good advice, so I would just like to say "Welcome to the Forum and the great sport of fly fishing"!

    +1 for taking a couple hour casting lesson from a pro!

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    Im fishing as of now for warm water fish such as bass, blue gill etc...

    Im also fishing in ponds mainly and the lake fclose to my house.

    Next year i plan on giving it a go at trout but thats a good ways away. Im trying to take it slow and get good at the small stuff first and also im pretty busy now a days with college and now deer season and trapping season is approaching.

    Thanks for the advice given thus far!

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    Welcome! Pretty much in the same boat as you, picked up fly's a couple months ago and can't stop. Still figuring things out myself so I'll refrain from trying to offer any technical or technique advice, but if I do have anything to pass along, if you have a fly shop anywhere close to you, I'd definitely recommend stopping in and getting to know the folks there. I've got two great independent shops near me plus an Orvis store and have picked up a lot of great advice on gear, places to check out locally to fish, etc and help with my cast. Been spending a good amount of time on this forum as well and trying to educate myself on things. I'm in the midwest (Indianapolis, IN area) so pretty much going after bluegill and smallmouth but using flies definitely adds a whole new level of enjoyment to it. For some reason seeing an explosive topwater strike is a lot more exciting than just watching a bobber jump up and down, go figure .

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    Welcome. I started last summer and fell in love. I am lucking in that my office is only 50 feet away from the river. I suggest taking lessons on casting as you will see a huge improvement.
    John L.

    "The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn't someone else's gift to you?" Lee Wulff

    “Be patient and calm – for no one can catch fish in anger.” – Herbert Hoover

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    Default Re: Im hooked.. the forum and the addiction...

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    Default Re: Im hooked..

    I love fishing poppers for bass and brim. Welcome the the addiction, your bank account will suffer.

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