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Thread: Belize recommendations?

  1. Default Belize recommendations?

    A group of us are thinking about fishing in Belize. We're looking at Belize River Lodge, Turneffe Flats and Turneffe Island Resort for various reasons.

    We'd appreciate any feedback - the good and the bad- from those who've been to any of these resorts.


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    interested as well, I will be heading down the first week of november.

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    Go to El Pescador on San Pedro/Ambregris Caye. You will have more shots at permit and tarpon then you will at Turneffe! Just got back from El Pescador 3 weeks ago and it was an amazing experience. If you choose to go then request either Ketchu or Emir, they are by far the best guides in Belize and have put plenty of people on Slams. Foods great, accommodations are great, and its close enough to San Pedro that you can go hang out in town and get the full experience!

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    Default Re: Belize recommendations?

    Did you check the Belize sub-forum of this board? It's a bit sparse, but there is some good info there.

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    Not to complicate things but I agree with Cptxkirk, El Pescador is worth checking out and possibly adding it as an option. We did our first trip there and really liked it. Food is awesome, people are great, and lots of shots at Permit even in the off season. I can't speak to Turneffe as I've never been but heard good reviews.

    Debating making another trip down this fall and we are looking at going back there or possibly to Belcampo (rumored to have greater number of Permit).

    If you go in late fall or winter El Pescador and Belcampo sometimes do a 2 for 1 special via Orvis travel which lowers the cost substantially.

    Good luck. It'a an awesome place.

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    I would love to head to el pescador for our honeymoon but a. Its EXPENSIVE at least for us it is and b. The orvis deal expires a few days before our honeymoon.

    I know all of their prices go up right before january

    Any other recommendations for belize?

    I would love to get a slam as a wedding present

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    Default Re: Belize recommendations?

    Dude I don't understand how you think El Pescador is expensive but you're looking at going to Turneffe?

    I did El Pescador as my honeymoon! It was awesome.

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    Default Re: Belize recommendations?

    You could always look at a DIY trip. Plenty of chances at bones working the beach. Then spend a bit getting a local guide in town opposed to through the lodges for a couple days. There is an old thread on here somewhere where this was discussed and I believe a member name dropped a guide in San Pedro.

    Word of caution though as food and staples are expensive on San Pedro. Also lots of people in town will tell you they are a quality guide. So I would do research before hand to ensure I was getting someone that really knows the flats.

    We almost went that route and found a pretty cheap lodging by renting a place in town with some friends. We were going to grocery shop and split cooking then find a local guide. Unfortunately they bailed so we went for the 2 for 1 via Orivs. I personally wouldn't spend full price even though it's a great lodge at El Pescador.

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    Default Re: Belize recommendations?

    My wife an I fished out of Turneffe Flats about 3 years ago and it was a very nice experience.

    Great fishing, good accommodations, good food, great guides and management, interesting dinner discussions and, did I mention the great fishing - plenty of bonefish and permit for us; tarpon were off-season.


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    Default Re: Belize recommendations?

    Best, most beautiful and peaceful location is Pelican Beach. They own the south end of a 15-acre island (South Water Caye). You can wade out to fish the flats for Bones or take a boat for Tarpon and permit.

    I've stayed there numerous times since 1997. Excellent cabanas for privacy, good food, and a very nice location. Coral right off the beach for easy-access snorkeling (few locations have that).

    Pelican Beach - South Water Caye - The Pelican Beach Resorts Of Belize

    Here's a satellite image showing the flats (south end of island is at left):

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