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    Default Vest or chest pack?

    I've been debating getting a chest pack to replace my vest. My only concern is that with most chest packs I've looked look to be supported around the neck of the person wearing the pack. If this is true have any of you chest pack users found that to be uncomfortable? Further what brand of chest pack do you prefer. i mainly fish small wade-able water that may or may not require some hiking. I typically carry only two small fly boxes with pre-selected flies for the time of year. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Vest or chest pack?

    When it was time to replace my old Orvis vest I decided to look at lumbar packs. After fishing a lumbar pack for a year or so now I can't ever see myself going back to a vest. The designs have come a long way in recent years and go from the simplest of designs (such as you are looking for) to guide-size rigs.

    Fishpond makes some really great packs.They make both chest (which often wraps around the neck) and lumbar (which may have an additional strap that lets you wrap around the neck). I tried on both and wasn't sure which was to go so I went with the Dragonfly Guide LTE chest/lumbar model. I have only used it as a lumbar pack and I think it is very good (just slightly big) for what you are describing. If you wanted to go a smaller I would go with the Cirrus Guide LTE, but it doesn't have the sweet fold out front pocket with built in foam like the dragonfly.

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    Default Re: Vest or chest pack?

    I have one of Simms first chest packs that I actually (awkwardly I might add) wear backwards. I had some bad luck with getting the line wrapped up on the pack while wading and a fish on the line or trying to cast and having the line catch.

    Don't know if others have had this issue or not.
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    Default Re: Vest or chest pack?

    Here is my recommendation. Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest | Filson You can carry what ever in comfort.

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    Default Re: Vest or chest pack?

    I've had similar experience as longbow. Chestpacks that are big enough to carry a day's worth of stuff are also big enough to be (A.) too heavy on the back of the neck and (B.) also big enough to catch your line too often.

    They also will not carry a water bottle or rain jacket.

    I went back to the vest.

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    Angry Re: Vest or chest pack?

    From an 'Old Man.' If you need to carry that much stuff you've missed the point. If I can't 'stick stuff' in a couple of large shirt pockets or the pocket in the front of my Dan B's .... I DON'T NEED IT!

    You're off camping for a week, so bloody what? Pack what you need, leave the rest locked in the trunk of the car.

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    Default Re: Vest or chest pack?

    I gave up on a chest pack. In the way. Went to a sling pack and am very happy. Just scoot it round ya back and then it's like having nothing with you, till you need it. Pull it around, do what ya gotta, then slide it around back and you are back to nothing again. They aren't hot like a vest either.

    Just my 2cents.

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Vest or chest pack?

    i think everyone should check out umpquas new chest pack. I lvoed my simms guide sling pack but it seemed to always get full of water when i was out wading. So I started looking around for chest packs that did not use a neck strap. Umpquas new chest pack uses shoulder straps which is pretty awesome.

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    Default Re: Vest or chest pack?

    Although I have never tryed the modern day chest packs years ago there was denim vest that was like a half bib that you wore in front and tied around your back. Wore it a few times and although less cumbersome realized that i couldnt carry anything extra with it like water bottles etc.
    Stayed with my vest and never looked back! Maybe I would like the new chest packs but from that experience I doubt it!
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    Default Re: Vest or chest pack?

    I don't know if this will help or not I have been from vest to backpack & back. I settled on a sling pack form patagona for a lot of my fishing.It will carry more than I can use & do it with comfort.I have a chest pack from fishpond that I use when chasing Brookies in the Mt. its does the job very well.I have a med size double box,a small box,leader,forceps,& nippers & still have some room.I also have a Willy j chest pack that is a little larger it also does a good job. If I had to pick one pack for my would be a toss up.The Willy J lays closer to the chest than the fishpond & both hold a lot of gear.
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