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Thread: Rio nymph line

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    Default Rio nymph line

    Currently use Rio indicator line on my current rig. Looking to buy a new rod and reel, and just came across some new rio nymph line for 35 dollars. Do I jump on this and buy it up? I throw big nymphs, heavy weight, and indicators. As far as I know, rio nymph is the older line, and came out before the indicator, but will it still perform well? Before the indicator line, I simply used some WFF line from Cabelas, so high performance line has never been in my arsenal. The nymph line has to be an upgrade from that right?
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    Default Re: Rio nymph line

    I use the Indicator line on my 10ft 7wt. It works great for roll casting, some single hand spey casting and high sticking/indy nymphing. If you don't necessarily care about having the latest fly line technologies in your line, it's a fit for how you want to fish, it's a no brainer for $35 IMHO. It will not excel at delicate presentations since it's got a heavy head, but you can use a long leader to remedy that.
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