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Thread: Glady Fork Outfitters

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    Default Glady Fork Outfitters

    Has anybody had any dealings with these guys. I ordered a new spool for my BBS ii from them on 8/5, and while they sent me a conformation and invoice right away, I never got any shipping info and haven't seen the spool yet. I called them a couple of times last week and sent them an email and haven't heard anything back.

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    Update (if you're interested). Fully three weeks have passed since I placed my order: no spool, and no conformation of shipment, though my credit card was charged immediately. I checked beforehand, and they are indeed listed as an authorized Orvis dealer... they had the spool for essentially the same price as Orvis (actually $.50 cheaper after tax and shipping), so I thought I'd kick some business to the little guy. Oops, my bad. I have called repeatedly and no one has answered, I've left messages and haven't been called back, I've emailed and had no response.


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    Default Re: Glady Fork Outfitters

    Sorry to hear about your situation, hopefully you're able to work with them to resolve. Have you by chance placed a call to Orvis and let them know the situation? Not sure what if anything they can do, but it may be helpful.

    Did you talk to your credit card company and let them know what's going on?

    Last but not least, for future purchases from Orvis, you can order direct from Orvis using the link in this thread, plus help the forum.

    Buy from Orvis
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    It's hard to work with them to resolve the issue when they won't respond. I just sent them one more email giving them one more chance to get in touch with me before I take it up with my credit card company and Orvis... not that I think there's much Orvis can do, but I'm sure they don't want their authorized dealers being so dismissive to customers.

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    Default Re: Glady Fork Outfitters

    Sorry....have you tried to phone them?Maybe you could ask Larry to give them a call...

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