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    Default Change in classified rules?

    I tried to post a WTB in classifieds, but it wouldn't let me. Ard's sticky says you have to have a minimum of 20 posts to start a thread, but when I tried it said I had to have a minimum of 100. Other users with less posts than me have started threads there recently... has there been a recent policy change?

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    Default Re: Change in classified rules?

    The rule used to be 20 posts before you could sell an item on the forum, but we were having too many people coming on, running up 20 posts in a day or two for the sole purpose of advertising the item they wanted to sell. That in itself wasn't too bad, but then we had a few deadbeats that took the money from the buyer and didn't send the goods and quickly disappeared. The forum's primary purpose is to provide a place to discuss fly fishing, not to become another EBay or Craigslist, so we changed the rule to 100 posts to discourage the people that just want to come here and sell something.
    If your looking to buy something, just create a post in the General Discussion area.

    Edit: I went in and edited the posts by Ard and Frank to read a minimum of 100 posts, sorry for the confusion.

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    Default Re: Change in classified rules?

    Roger that. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Change in classified rules?

    I checked it too (the sticky) and found that there was still a 20 post reference and I removed it also.

    Sorry for the confusion,


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