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    Default Fly fishing vest vs general outdoor vest.

    Stopped in the outlet store of a local specialty outdoor retailer today. For some capilene base layers and saw a couple nice vests. Wondering how useful they would be instead of a dedicated fly fishing vest. They had a couple brands in my size 1/2 off. Seemed to be plenty of pockets for as much stuff as I'd be likely to carry. I can't see needing more than a small box of flies and some tippet and maybe a couple tools. The Columbia vest was pretty nice and only about $30.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing vest vs general outdoor vest.

    If it works, it works. I'd go for it if it met my requirements.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing vest vs general outdoor vest.

    A lot of people just use a back pack with their gear thrown in. If it fits what you need, and doesn't get in the way, go for it. Just because it isn't dedicated for fly fishing does not mean it won't work.

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    Default Re: Fly fishing vest vs general outdoor vest.

    Let me be the first to accuse myself of OVER gearing myself up.

    Now, any fly fishing situation I've been in would do fine with a shirt with two big pockets up front and a no name backpack. Clip/pin the rest to your shirt.
    Extra box in the bag.

    But it sure is fun dressing up ;-)
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    Default Re: Fly fishing vest vs general outdoor vest.

    I think that the only issue would be if the pockets are large enough to hold your fly boxes. That and maybe if the fabric may be too heavy to be comfortable in warm weather.
    Fly vests nowadaze have way too many pockets and some people find themselves determined to fill them for some reason.
    It's best to stay away from that.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Fly fishing vest vs general outdoor vest.

    Many fishing vests and fishing shirts have a yoke back with a mesh panel. It helps with air flow in hot weather. It may not be something you need or want in your vest. If the vest serves your needs, go for it. Who doesn't like a bargain ?
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    Default Re: Fly fishing vest vs general outdoor vest.

    The fish will never know
    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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