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  1. Default Got a new rig today

    For the past few weeks Ive had it in my head that I wanted to play with a 3 wt. Stopped by the Cabelas that recently opened and picked up a cheapo combo. That night I dry casted in the front yard. It was terrible, the setup wasnt balanced and the rod would not load. Broke it down and returned it the next day but not before reading Curtis' review of the Sage Launch. Curtis, with all respect, youre nuts. I love the look of this rod especially with the reel color.

    Ended up picking up a 7'6" Launch in 3 wt with a Ross CLA reel in copper and a SA line (I dont think the line is the greatest but he threw it in for free). Absolutely perfectly balanced and just a sweet rig. I gotta get to a river and quick, unfortunatley the wife is working this weekend and I have diaper duty. Will have to work a plan to sneak out during the week.

    I am a happy man.

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    What was the Cabelas 3 wt. you bought? I just ordered a cabelas 3 forks 3wt. myself, but I have heard good things about them. Hope it isn't the same rod you got, from what you say.

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    Actually it was a 3 Forks. Thats what bummed me out too was that I read some reviews and most were positive. I will say that at the store the first one I picked up and looked at I lightly tugged on the reel seat and it fell off.

    I am hopeful you have good luck with yours and that my experience is different than yours will be.

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    Default Re: Got a new rig today

    Hi pierce652,

    Sounds like you did a good job. You just can't beat casting a rod before you buy it. Someone with less experience may have thought the rod was terrific. I have always said not to buy any rod that cost less than $100. That is the rule of thumb I use for over seas rods. So far it has been a good guide line.


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    Frank, I think that is a good rule to go by. By no means am I putting the rod down for others who may like it. It wasnt for me. This is my 5th rod and while no two rods feel the same this one just didnt fit or feel good to me.

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    No problem. Sometimes I am a bit nuts. I still think it's a funky color but it has grown on me. I sometimes see cars in the same color now. NOw that is ugly!

    As for the Three Forks by Cabelas; I have that rod and love it. It throws a line beautifully and is very smooth. I think the idea that you cannot get a good stick for under $100 is very far from the truth. Cortland, Cabelas, TFO, Fenwick, Redington, etc. all make very nice rods that won't break your bank book too.

    That rod you bought though is sweet. Have fished it myself and it is a gem. Enjoy!
    All Means All

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    Default Re: Got a new rig today

    I definitely can't comment on the balance of the rod & reel as I've never even heard of 3Forks never mind casting it. But I will add, if the rod isn't loading that would be caused by the line. If it's a combo you bought and the line came with, it's probably a generic low end line or it could even be the wrong line weight or both. I'm a firm believer that a high quality fly line should be your #1 priority as you can pretty much take any average rod, add a great line to it and it'll cast well. Remember, a $100 graphite rod today, was a top of the line graphite rod rod 15 yrs ago.

    "What a tourist terms a plague of insects, the fly angler calls a great hatch".
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    Just picked up a 3 forks 3wt and took it out last week for the first time. The lack of distance took some getting used to, but then again I bought the rod for small creeks and small trout where distance casting is rare. I'm just used to casting the 5/6 wt and it's my adjustment to the capabilities of the rod more than the rod itself. I rigged mine with the 444 peach and it loads fine for me with a delicate presentation which is what I was looking for. I will say that the reel seat leaves much to be desired; however, I really didn't expect much for what I payed for it. Cabelas should consider putting better hardware on that blank and they would likely sell better.

    I suppose that if the 3wt was my primary stick, I'd drop the coin for the sage; however, I don't see me using the rod often given the water that I primarily fish and the normal wind conditions I have to deal with.
    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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