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    As I mentioned the other day in my intro thread it has been years (29 or so) since I had really been FF. I was about 13 years old. From that trip to MT, so long ago, a great family friend bought me an inexpensive rod/reel combo but it worked great for my needs and skills at the time.

    Earlier this week I pulled the combo out of the attic and dusted it off. The real immediately fell off as the glue holding the rear reel seat was no longer holding. Cleaned off the old dried glue and used and epoxy based glue to reset it. Worked great so far.

    The rod is at least 35 years old and made of graphite. It is a Diawa Strike Gold SKG-44 7'6" #6. I took it to the local fly shop in town and got a whole new reel setup for this rod. My intentions for this rod is to get something I can practice with as well as for my son to use and enjoy.

    Specs on what I got: Echo Solo 4/5 reel with #6 Cortland orange forward weighted floating line. They put the backer on it, Cortland line, butt section, and a 7.5' x4 leader. Also bought several more 7.5' and 9' leaders. By no means a high dollar setup but should provide some fun for me to practice and a nice little combo for my 10 year old.

    The shop has a nice Echo combo I have my eye on that seems like a good place for me to start. Will post up some help in several months for help when I go to buy.

    So it begins.......

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    Congratulations on your new beginning. I just started back this year also.

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    Well, we all start somewhere. The important part is that you're getting started.

    Keep us informed of your progress, both good & bad. IMO, our misadventures & failures often provide us with more knowledge than our successes. When it's easy, we don't always learn what we need for those times when it's not so easy.

    Remember, no one likes to be behind the big truck, but that's better than being under it!

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    Default Re: it begins.....

    Welcome back to fly fishing and good to have you posting with us here. If you're anything like most of us, it may become an addiction. You did it right by going to your local shop, when you're ready to buy a new one buy from them too if they've treated you right thus far. I hear good things about Echo from my shop.
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    Default Re: it begins.....

    Great to hear your return, hope you have plenty $$$
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