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silver creek 08-25-2013 03:18 PM

2013 Sporting Heritage Youth Day
2013 Sporting Heritage Youth Day

Every year in August, one of our retired DNR Wardens organizes a Sporting Heritage Youth Day to teach our youngsters to appreciate the outdoor sports. The day is free and filled with instruction and prizes including bicycles, fishing rods, and tackle of all sorts.

This year 24 sporting organizations provided 187 instructors and mentors for this day. Our TU chapter has supported this effort every year. Other organizations such as Pheasants Forever, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, White Tails Unlimited, Wisconsin Trappers, Wisconsin Water Fowlers, Rib Mountain Bowmen, National Wild Turkey Foundation, and on and on.

With 187 instructors and over 200 youth not including parents, we had just under 1 instructor for each child.

We teach fly tying and fly casting, and donated a fly rod and reel.

Other groups teach hunter safety, shooting shotguns, bb guns, 22 rifles, setting up deer stands, shooting bows, duck calling, setting up duck blinds, and so on.

I was so busy I couldn't take as many photos this year so here are are a few photos from this year and past years events:

Instructors meeting with Youth Event T shirts.

Fly Tying:

Fly Casting:

Other events:


Trappers with pelts:


Group Photo of some of the participants.

siege 08-25-2013 07:44 PM

Re: 2013 Sporting Heritage Youth Day
What a great event. Can't say enough good things about people who volunteer their precious time and other things to make events like this happen.
It's heartening to see people providing a venue like this. Instead of asking what's happended to todays's youth, they provide a path that starts kids off in the right direction.
Kudos to you all.

mcnerney 08-25-2013 08:40 PM

Re: 2013 Sporting Heritage Youth Day
Silver: That is awesome! It is just great to see so many organizations coming together to put on an event like that, kudos to all those that took the time to volunteer to help out!


theboz 08-25-2013 10:24 PM

Re: 2013 Sporting Heritage Youth Day
+2 what Larry said! Anytime we can promote the outdoors to our youth it's a positive thing! Makes my day to see events like this and all those volunteers deserve a round of applause!! Excellent!

silver creek 08-26-2013 12:11 AM

Re: 2013 Sporting Heritage Youth Day
Having participated as a volunteer instructor for 9 years, I can say we get as much out of it as the kids.

What is equally great is the number of girls we have coming through. Girls do want to learn how to hunt and fish.

Some of the organizations I failed to mention earlier include wildlife preserves and nature preservation organizations that show the kids how everything in nature is interconnected.

It is a pretty amazing day for these kids and something they really get excited about.

All this happens because one DNR Warden wanted to teach the youth about the right way to use and not abuse our natural resources. I've known him for years and he is a very special person.

Here is Randy and a section of the letter describing last year's event.

"To give you a rundown on last year’s event, we had 225 youth attend the Youth Day. This was again a record for number of youth that attended and up ten youth from 2011 Again we had an amazing number of instructors who were willing to donate their time to the kids.

The stations that we had this year included the Boy Scout Troop 255’s Dutch oven cooking, Longway’s Historical Fur Trapper display, the WI Trapper’s Association trapping demonstrations, the National Wild Turkey Federation’s turkey hunting clinic and BB gun shoot, the Wausau School District’s .22 range, Weston Hit and Miss Trap Club’s trap shooting range, Weston Safety Instructors tree stand safety station, Rib Mountain Bowmen’s archery range, the Elks Club drug awareness Trailer and , the Wausau Noon Optimists GPS instruction, Bill’s Musky Club’s bait casting instruction and contest, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s outdoor survival station, the DNR Employees muzzleloader shoot, Trout Unlimited fly tying and fly casting, the WI Conservation Warden Association’s laser shot, former members of the WI Waterfowl Association’s local chapter still came to teach about duck blinds and calling, the DNR Water Guard invasive species station, The Friends of Mead/McMillian heritage display, the Jeff Miller Hunting Crew’s edible plants station and hike, the Wisconsin Black Bear Education Center black bear informational station, Pheasants Forever habitat display and hands on shoot/don’t shoot contest, the Wisconsin Hunter Education Instructor’s Association pellet gun range and a lunch manned by Whitetails Unlimited.

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