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Thread: Mystery Fish

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    I'm guessing you all share a similar story: Today, miles up my favorite river, I hook into a fish that defies logic;at least 6 lbs bigger than the biggest fish I've ever caught up there, other than a spawned out salmon. This fish on the other hand was as hard fighting as they come and as chrome they come. Mind you I am 40 miles above the mouth of my local stream. WHAMMO! it hit like a ton of bricks, my sage SP 5 wt. flexing deep into the butt section, fish on. After nearly ten minutes of up and down stream runs peeling line off my reel just so I could real it back as fast as I could the fish finally became subdued, as well as visible,"what the hell is that " I cried as the fish came into the shallow section I planned on landing it on. She came into view (kinda, after remaining deep for the entire battle) rolled once and like that was gone. Needless to say I had the time of my life with that fish, but one question lingers: What was lurking in that hole on my little stream......? I am curious to here others similar stories..FISH ON!
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    I love these kinda stories! My first impression was a salmon. King, Coho... but being as far upstream as you say and it was chrome.... My best guess would be a very large bull trout. Huge resident rainbow???

    Ive had a few WTF moments out there. Heres one that emerged from muddy waters that made me jump a little...

    After some research I later ID'd it as a Bowfin.
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    Bowfin indeed. The 2 little barbels up front are a dead giveaway. They can sure fight, though.
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    Another name for a bowfin is a dogfish. I know they use that name in Michigan. Never caught one, but they have a reputation for hard fighting.

    I am curious to here others similar stories..FISH ON!
    last May, my Father and I camped/fished a lake for several days near Topeka, Kansas that had a panfish species we repeatedly caught. Built basically like a green sunfish with the large mouth, but different coloration. Dad thought they were warmouth and there's certainly some resemblance to the images I looked up. They're not native, though, and not the kind of fish likely to be stocked.

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    JB, that is one hell of a mouth full of 'teeth!' Don't stick your finger in that.
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    Default Re: Mystery Fish

    possibly a silver that shot straight up? sounds like fun


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