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    Default Suggestions for TU local chapter

    Hi gents and ladies,
    Last night I attended a board meeting of our local chapter and kindly offered my communications/design/web/fb services to help in their efforts.

    I have some ideas of what I'd like to see happen with their web/fb/twitter efforts, was wondering if any of you might share a few things you like or don't like about your local chapter's online presence.

    While not directly associated with member outreach and such, I have a sneaky feeling folks would like my efforts to help energize the member body...

    Here are some things I think a TU local chapter online presence should do:

    1. Photos and in depth interviews with their guest speakers (beyond what the speaker says/does at the actual event).

    2. More in depth write ups of trips taken to local fishing locales...not links to other people's blogs. Author's would be credited but no links.

    3. More info/photos on local species, not links to wikipedia or someone else's site.

    4. A section on history of local waters.

    5. Member of the month recognition? Small profile and photo.

    6. Classifieds/swaps/freebie section, maybe some free swag from manufacturers.

    7. Lunker log - Running records of biggest fish (of a local species), angler, date, fly and measurements.
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    Default Re: Suggestions for TU local chapter

    All of the above.

    The most 'grab' photo I've ever seen (not TU) was a couple of long tables with an 'Adult' sitting next to a kid with a vise (or should that be 'vice'?) in front tying a fly.

    Caption under the photo: "This is what we do."

    You also (I may have missed this above) need is a blog site link. Some of the best reading I've ever run into. This is where you'll find the most fun stuff.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for TU local chapter

    Looks like you have put some serious thought into improving the TU Chapter web site, I'd love to see your suggestions implemented.


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    Default Re: Suggestions for TU local chapter

    Looks like you’ve got a strong grasp on the layout and content.

    Might want to add a section containing any conservation / fisheries / watershed issues that the chapter is involved in.

    Re: "While not directly associated with member outreach and such, I have a sneaky feeling folks would like my efforts to help energize the member body..."

    Recruitment and Retention are huge budget zappers for most organizations. Your website also serves to make that first impression with inquisitive visitors.


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