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Thread: Fishing report

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    Default Fishing report

    No pictures, nothing that extraordinary except the numbers,,,I caught the bluegills with the major munchies ! It seemed that ever cast I was hooking up. Never did toss anything for bass, was just having too much pan-fish fun. At dusk, I put the fly fishing gear up and set a couple spin rigs for catfish,,,hoping to catch a good supper for later this week as the gills were all released. Nary a bite from the catfish. Oh well, stuff happens.

    But the bluegill fun really made up for it.

    Mike *all fishing is good posse
    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Fishing report

    Sounds like a perfect spot to take the grandson fishing or maybe someone new to fishing! Congrats on the gills, sorry the catfish weren't interested in joining you for dinner.


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