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    Appreciate the info and insight folks.

    I will not be running rivers such as those in the PNW or Alaska. I will run some rivers and backwaters, but again nothing like those water ways. With a hydraulic jackplate and WOT, the thing will run in about 6" of water and at rest, only drafts 8-10".

    For those who were wondering, I am in Arizona. As mentioned, there are some rivers, here and elsewhere that I will run, but most of the time I will be in lakes and reservoirs, along with some near shore, coastal stuff.

    I was thinking of a Bass boat, but, they are much more expensive, they will not handle the times that I will be in saltwater, they are heavier and draft more water and this thing will be fly fishing platform 95% of the time. Besides, anyone who has spend enough time in a Bass type boat, as well as a skiff or flats boat knows how much nicer it is to clean out and wipe down a boat without carpet!!!!!

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    The East Cape Skiffs may do you well but just remember, the larger the lake (think lake Meade, etc) and the harder the wind blows the bigger the swell/chop. There are very few days, even off the California coast, that I would want to be in those skiffs and feel safe.

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