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  1. Default Small Boat Guide / Charter Recommendation for Los Suenos

    I am heading to Los Suenos over memorial weekend and looking for a fly fishing guide recommendation. Since I will be fishing by myself, I am hoping to find a smaller more economical boat maybe something that is 20-25ft range or smaller. Any recommendations or advice will be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Small Boat Guide / Charter Recommendation for Los Suenos

    Hi Nolegsinmiami,

    I am not surprised that no one has answered your post. Los Suenos is known mostly for its off shore fishing. I don't think they have much, if any, flats fishing. You better make sure you take all of your gear and flies. I don't think you can buy flies there. You might find some action on Rooster Fish or Snook. I have never been there and don't know much about whats available. When I was in Panama I found a local fishermen who had a boat with a little motor on it. That was the best I could do. He didn't understand sport fishing at all.


  3. Default Re: Small Boat Guide / Charter Recommendation for Los Suenos

    Thanks for the note Frank. I am not looking for flats fishing per-se (I dont belive there are flats there), I am looking for a smaller and cheaper charter boat to chase the roosterfish, dolphin, and even sailfish. In Florida you can fish for everything from a 23-25 ft center console boat. Many of the boats that I am finding online in Los Suenos are 30-50ft at $1,200 + per day which is much more than one person needs. Thanks!!

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    I can't help you with the fishing aspect, as I've never fished there. However, I did spend 10 days at the Los Suenos resort a year ago. We had a GREAT time. There is a little restaurant near the resort called Juanita's that was good and affordable. Also, spend time in the National park "Manuel Antonio" it is very beautiful and I wish we had spent more time there. Have a blast!

    P.S. We do plan on going back in a year or two and would love to hear what you found out about fly fishing!

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