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Thread: ' Toon Trip

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    Default ' Toon Trip

    My sons and I bought 3 used 9' pontoon boats, and got to try them out on a local reservoir this weekend.
    Here's what we learned :
    1. They are a lot of fun.
    2. The wake from passing ski boats is not bad. Much better than fishing on a kayak.
    3. Easy to row, goes straight and fast.
    4. Can't make it go straight using an electric trolling motor.
    5. Casting a flyrod while seated is fairy easy.
    6. You can haul 3 pontoon boats on a small flat trailer and launch them in minutes.
    7. Did I mention thay are a lot of fun ? They are !
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    Cool never tried one myself.

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    Default Re: ' Toon Trip

    Recently picked up a Scadden pontoon and love it. Very stable and the leaning bar is very stable for stand up fishing to stretch the legs out. Have been in a few local lakes and have drifted a couple rivers and so far so good.

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    I agree, a toon just opens up so much more water to be able to fish to. I love them!


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