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Thread: ads from sponsors

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    Default ads from sponsors

    Hey...I have no issues with advertising on forums like this, BUT...

    Orvis has 2 ads on this page right now for a battenkill reel for 59 bucks. Now, I'd like some of that action, but when you get to the site to buy it you find that's the spool price...really?

    and I can never buy a winston now because John Deere has me off of anything green for the foreseeable future...God I hate that thing covering up my screen.

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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    I have nightmares about that JD ad. I'll be having this great "dirty" dream and all of the sudden, I big JD ad pops up and blocks the best part of the dream. I usually wake up at that point with a clearly high heartbeat
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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    Orvis, like many stores/sites, list the prices of an item as "Starting at..." As the reel spool is offered on the same page as the reels, it is the lowest price technically on that items page, making it the price you see in the advertisements. This is the same if you look at the reels page from their site. It will say something like "$150 - $250." 150 is the spool, 250 is the actual reel.

    PS: I hate that damned JD ad too.

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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    I don't even think about it anymore. when I move my mouse across the screen I bring it all the way over the the edge before going up or down, just to avoid that JD ad. I find myself doing it on other websites. Also usually keep my computer muted because of it.

    Of course periodically I forget and the thing takes over the screen. Usually I will have forgotten to mute my computer and my 6 month old will have just fallen asleep next to me.
    - William

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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    I've been holding off for sooo long about bringing up the JD ad.. its been killing me

    Its a good thing to have sponsors though for the good of the forum. There is a v-bulletin setting where ads can go in post format and show up as a new post in random topics which is much better, especially for non related ads to fishing.
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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    Advertisement I could do without, but those are the folks paying the bills so this Forum can be here.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    Add me to the JD haters. I try to dodge it but sometimes the thing just jumps in front of my mouse. For now I'm living on the edge (of the forum page)

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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    I got rid of that JD ad so long ago, I've forgotten to tell you how. milt
    "Thomas Jeff..." Senator Reisman (Sam Shepard) Swordfish

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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    Then there's that Ard guy who keeps on jamming up the pages with that Alaska stuff!!! Geesh!!
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    Default Re: ads from sponsors

    Between the JD add and the daily issue with not being able to open threads, I have not bothered coming on here in a while.

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