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  1. Default Dogs and fishing

    I am new to forum and semi new to fly fishing.
    Question is do you take your dog with?

    I have a 2 yr old llewlin setter that goes almost everywhere w me.
    Great dog, friendly, phenomenal in field and only female in my life that will listen to me most days.

    When I take her w me fishing she is a 35 lb hippo- swims everywhere she can- usually right where I am casting....
    When I have a fish on she is more than happy to try to retrieve it for me!
    I would be aggravated if she wasn't a great dog and so funny when she tries to catch the fish on my line.

    Best female in my life

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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    If you're going to take your dog fishing you have to train her, like you would for any other activity. My brother has a Brittney who fishes with us. Initially she did the same thing, ruined many a pool, but she has learned well and is a great fishing companion. The measure of a good day in the mountains is when we actually tire her out, tough to do!
    - William

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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    People who claim to have "fishing dogs" are blinded by love. There's no such thing as a good fishing dog. Most of these beasts are retrievers who think they can do to trout what they've been trained to do to ducks. It my sound cute, but it's not. Stay away from people who take their dog fishing. - John Gierach

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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    I have a couple pooches, both I love very much- neither would be a good choice for fishing companion regardless of how much I want it to be.

    One of mine is a 10lb-ish MinPin- she's a black and tan and while she is very bonded to me she would be gone in a second.

    The other is a special needs dog. Her name is Daisy and she is a rescued 3 year old Doberman Pinscher. This amazing girl was attacked by another dog when she was only 12 weeks old, therefore any dog other than the MinPin she goes on immediate defensive mode.

    I would love to have her with me at all times, I think she would be happy with that also. Sadly old scars don't go away so she stays home where she lives the life of luxury and will never, ever, be harmed again.

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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    I take my dog with me on some fishing trips, some of the public access points will allow dogs others don't. She is more interested in chasing birds than getting in the water. The other day I took her up to Pacific Creek, when I went through the Teton NP check station I asked the gal at the window if I had to keep the dog on a leash, she said yes. Later while fishing, a park ranger stopped and told me I couldn't have a dog on the river or in the back country (similar rule to Yellowstone NP) so that was the end of our fishing for the day. If I fish stillwaters, I usually take her on the back of the pontoon boat.

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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    I have two labs and they are my excuse to get out of the house. They were trained to go fishing however and do not spook fish. I also fish where there isn't a lot of people so they are not bothering others.

    They know exactly what is going on and when they hear a rise or see me stocking a pool they go right into stealth mode. I can concentrate 100% on fishing and not give a thought to them wandering off or plunging in the water. They stay on shore even when I am wading and they truly enjoy when I hook into one. They come over for a sniff and especially like watching them swim off when released.

    I fish a lot in big cat and bear country and appreciate the extra sets of eyes not to mention their noses. I wouldn't feel comfortable without them and their enjoyment of the adventure afield is a very big part of why I fish.

    The trick is to teach a dog how to fish before introducing him/her to hunting. When they understand their role and behave accordingly they are a pleasure to fish with.


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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    My dog is never far.

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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by furnacefella View Post
    They were trained to go fishing however and do not spook fish.
    Exactly, training is the key. A dog that isn't house broken will relieve himself on the rug, doesn't make him a bad dog. In my experience dogs are rather intelligent and generally want to please their owners. You need to make expectations clear and reward good behavior.

    While it is not true for every dog, for example Russellb's dobermann, but in those cases you just have to know the limitations of your dog. My terrier is so obsessed with rodents that I don't bring her out fishing. She's a great dog and obedient almost all the time, but I know there is too much temptation and too much risk most of the places I fish. My brother's dog on the other hand, she's a better fishing partner than some human's I have fished with. And they are totally untrainable
    - William

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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    This little guy was our fishing pal for years...

    He was a Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix named Angelo. Smart as they come. He was trained to work off vocal commands and hand signals. He loved to follow my son and daughter around while they worked the water and would make a nest on the bank and watch them. He passed in June 2011 from cancer..

    This is the guy we are training now...

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    Default Re: Dogs and fishing

    I always take my lab whether floating or wading. His river etiquette isn't always perfect but it's a lot better then many I've fished with or ran across on rivers.

    I believe geography has something to do with it and the overall acceptance. I used to get crazy glares in New England even when my dog was sitting on the bank watching me or napping. Out West seems like everyone has a dog with them. Thats fine by me.

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