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    Default Fluro tippits in freshwater?

    Hi. I have come to the end of my trusty spool of Rio hard mono tippet material that I use for bass. In the salt I tie on Seaguar in either 12 or 25 pound Fluro. I like it for the abrasion resistance and low profile in the shallows. The question for you guys is this. Is it worth buying an 8-10 pound roll of fluro for bass and bluegills at roughly twice the price of mono, or just go cheap?

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    Default Re: Fluro tippits in freshwater?

    All depends on whether you prefer catching fish or saving money.


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    Default Re: Fluro tippits in freshwater?

    I just buy Berkeley Vanish. Tons cheaper than any spool of tippet you'll buy and works just fine. At 10+lbs it's pretty pointless to buy tippet when tried and true Berkeley and Trilene work just fine.

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    Default Re: Fluro tippits in freshwater?

    Bass and bluegill, no. Selective trout, yes!
    Hand crafted wood fly boxes.

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    Default Re: Fluro tippits in freshwater?

    I'll second Vanish. It works fine for me and is comparatively inexpensive. Fishing for trout in clear water I believe it helps.


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    Default Re: Fluro tippits in freshwater?

    I thought flouro had worse abrasion resistance than mono.

    I personally don't think flouro is too necessary in freshwater, but I use it most of the time anyway. I always use it on my freshwater carp setup, as I do think it makes a big difference there. I guess it's like any piece of more expensive fishing gear; if you have the money, sure, if you don't, not gonna hurt you.

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    Default Re: Fluro tippits in freshwater?

    I use fluoro exclusively for the simple reason that I don't want to confuse myself. That is becoming more and more commonplace these days.

    All I fish for in freshwater anymore is bass, and I just grab a 7 wt inshore rod and go. Leader material is the cheapest of all my fishing accoutrements. Cheers, Jim

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