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    Default Wade fishing question....

    Total nOOb question here.

    When wade fishing a wider river and you have hundreds of yards to miles of river to fish how do you do it? Meaning if you wade out several yards from the river bank and fish then you want to move spots: A) Do you typically move up river or down river? B) Do you wade and fish in the river to your new spot or do you exit to the bank and walk the 20-50 yards or......?

    Without experience, to me it makes sense to wade up river to cover as much water as possible.


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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    Up river cross current at an angle is the most stable.
    Rule # 1: Momentum is not your friend. Keep one foot planted before shifting your weight to the other foot.
    Rule 2: Never step on a rock. Put your foot on the bottom. Rocks are slippery and bad things will happen.
    Rule 3: Whether to get out depends on where you are. As a matter of common sense, yes. But some states say its public to the mean high water mark and others make you have tostay in the stream bed if fishing private land. Know your local law.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    When fishing big rivers it's often best to fish a hole from all points possible before moving on. Get out. Head to the next fishy looking pool. If you don't get hits early. Move on. If you catch fish. Fish it until the fishing slows down. Then move on. Don't waste too much time on hunches and look for the most promising lies. I also always wade up. Wading downstream would end in a lot of days not catching much as I would just have a never ending silt trail in front of me.

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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    Good question, but I'm going back to my same old song. Make sure if you wear waders, that they have a belt, and you keep it cinched up tight. If the water is fast, and/or the bottom is slick, carry a wading staff. Mine is collapseable, and rides in a pouch on the wader belt.
    Be stealthy, watch your shadow so it doesn't spook your prey, and have fun !
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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    I stay in the water unless it is too deep or fast to walk through
    - William

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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    A lot of variables to your question. Depends on each situation. Most of the time I work upstream. Sometimes you look at a spot and have to ask what is my best casting angle for my fly to that spot? Certain flies you will fish differently. Do you wade to it, get out and walk around? Will you spook fish? Part of the fun of fly fishing is assessing your actions and seeing if you made good decisions. If not, was something learned? Good luck and get a wading staff for big waters and rocky bottoms.

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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    Then there are states such as Indiana where the bottom is actually owned by the land owner and if you are standing on or anchored on the bottom you are trespassing and can be arrested. This is on water that is not listed by the state as navigable. Navigable water can be walked to the normal high water mark whatever that is. Land owner's permission must be attained before getting off of the road on much of Indiana's waters. Another one of Indiana's great ideas.

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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    Rule of thumb for me in general is... Dead drift presentation (ie. nymphs, dries) fish upstream. Fan the water above you to cover it well paying particular attention to likely water. Opposite for streamers, work downstream and across. One of THE biggest mistakes beginners make is neglecting to realize how tight fish will hold to the bank. Dont just wade out and start casting, you could be wading right thru the best water.
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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    Quote Originally Posted by jcw
    A lot of variables to your question. Depends on each situation.
    Exactly. For instance, on a small, fairly fast-moving and shallow mounain stream, you might want to wade the whole way because it's easier. You might also want to fish downstream because of the lay of the land.

    Just for grins, stick your ear in the water sometime on such a stream. You may be surprised. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Wade fishing question....

    Interesting to see you folks fish walking up stream; very unusual here on Oregon Rivers. The norm is to start at the top of a run and work down. For small waters fishing up stream makes a lot of sense.

    But go back up are review siege's post: GOLD!

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