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    I've Got my Sage Zxl 4 weight 490 all rigged up with my Reel and Rio gold fly line, I've been fishing with it and i have to says its a great rod Im going to a Stillwater in 2 days time its around 3 acres (Not much i know.) They said that there is a good bit a rainbows and brownies in the lake ranging between 1-6 lb and some to double figures... But im wondering could i use the rod on it? Its not the best stillwater rod but the lake isn't that big.
    Thanks Once again!

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    R-1 to properly answer your question you have to put your general location up with your name. 6# could be Alaska or it could be the Rogue River, or where the hell ever.
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    I am assuming that you are going to be fishing a pay to play type fishery that has stocked fish.

    I use that rod and line combination for some stillwater usage. In most situations, it should be fine. It would not be my first choice for chasing trophy sized fish, but I know it would work. My preference would be a five or six weight.


    Edit: Stillwater fishing is a depth game. Just in case trout are not feeding in the upper part of the water column, you may want to use a sinking leader to get deeper. My favorite line for stillwater fishing is an intermediate sink line.

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